Fortnite week 5 season 2: the Location of the outposts of the EGO

We are already through half of the first season in this chapter 2 of the video game Fortniteand Epic Games already released a new batch of challenges for all players. The objectives of this week come under the premise “All truth”, by offering different tasks to complete. We tell you how to complete the outposts of the EGO.

List of challenges

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There is a particular topic for this occasion, but yes, there is a total of seven different challenges, in Fortnite to conquer. We leave the full list here below:

  • Complete 8 GOALS for anyone to achieve the object of reward.
  • Logged chests on the outposts of E. G. O.
  • Deals damage to enemies on the back of a speedboat.
  • Visit different outposts of E. G. O.
  • Deletions with assault rifles.
  • Relive a partner of team in separate items.
  • Logged boxes of ammo in locations with different names.
  • Heals teammates with a bazooka of bandages.
  • Deletions, on Craggy Cliffs or Salty Springs.
  • Raises a partner.
  • Help team colleagues to achieve deletions.
  • Looking for N hidden in the loading screen the Whole truth.

Unlike season 10, here there are the challenges of prestige to complete, so you’ll just have to focus on the list above. In our guide we will cover the objective “to Visit various outposts of E. G. O.” together with your details.

Outposts of the E. G. O.

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To complete the two challenges around the new outposts of the E. G. O. first you’ll need to know what they are, and where you can find them.

These outposts are new locations added to the beginning of the first season of Chapter 2, Fortnite, being the home of the mysterious organization E. G. O. on the island.

Locations outposts of the E. G. O.

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The posts have a dark green color, and are quite uniform, so if you’ve seen one you’ve already seen them all. There are a total of five posts advanced E. G. O. on the island, enough to complete both challenges in this new batch of weekly goals.

Pleasant Park

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The first outpost that you can visit in the island of Fortnite Battle Royale is located directly to the west of Pleasant Park, right in the northwest portion of the map. Is pointing at the beach and the sea that are found there. Seeing as from the map of grids, is located exactly in the cell C2.

Holly Hedges

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There is another post that is located near the southwest corner of Holly Hedges, and west of the Weeping Woods. Again from the map grid, it is just in cell B5.

Misty Meadows

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There is another post E. G. O. southwest of Misty Meadows, and just to the left of the snow-capped mountains. Seeing the grid is right in the cell D8.

Frenzy Farm

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The next post that you can find is directly to the south of Frenzy Farm, and north of Lazy Lake. To be more specific, head to the south of the bridge that connects with Frenzy Farm. What you’ll find in cell F5 of the map grid.

Dirty Docks

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The fifth and last outpost of E. G. O. is located just to the northwest end of Dirty Docks, while at the same time is the this of Frenzy Farm. Specifically, just between Dirty Docks and the bridge this leads to Frenzy Farm. You can find it at the edge of the cells G3 and H3 on the map grid of Fortnite Battle Royale.

Tricks and tips for the challenges of outposts of the E. G. O.

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There are two main challenges around the outposts of the E. G. O. this week. The first is to visit a total of five of them, but as there is only that amount for the time being, you’ll just have to follow our directions above and go to each one. Fortunately, you don’t have to visit them all in a single game, so you can take the time you need.

The other challenge is to find seven chests in these outposts, E. G. O., for that we recommend that you use Party Assist, in this way your team mates will be able to help you. It is also prudent because land at the outposts from the bus at the beginning of each game.

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