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First impressions of the Amazon Echo Show

Without a doubt, one of the most intriguing announcements that Amazon made during his presentation of hardware that took place in Seattle was the second version of the Amazon Echo Show. This device has a large number of new features and a refreshed design that makes it much more elegant.

An attractive exterior and elegant

primeras impresiones amazon echo show 2018
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If there was not something we liked about the first version of the Echo Show was its design. It was too square, and the truth, seemed a design of the 90. The 2.0 version of the Echo Show makes it look more like a tablet.

To tell you the truth, we were impressed by its size when we saw it for the first time in the demonstration area. Your screen is now 10 inches and not 7 and to tell you the truth, those 3 inches are much on something so visual.

The model has some edges are more curved compared to its predecessor, which makes the device more pleased aesthetically. In addition, the speakers went to the back of the screen, allowing to give more space to the screen. The back is covered in fabric, which also makes the device more lightweight and better combine with the decoration of your home.


We do not have specs of the screen in addition to their size, and their capabilities HD. We were able to test it a few minutes to watch tv and it seemed to us that the colors were vibrant and the size of the screen was ideal for watching tv while cooking.

Something that we lack, however, is the ease of watching Netflix and videos on YouTube on this device. For now, the devices of Amazon do not have this support, so if you want to see the new episodes of Stranger Things , or the new series The Dark World of Sabrina, you will not be able to do so via this device.

A audio immersive

We were able to test the ability of the speakers of the device. As mentioned, these are located in the back and are four. The back of the device is like a trapezoid, so there are two speakers in the rear pointing towards the ceiling and one on each side. The speakers are equipped with processing Dolby, which helps the low and high are solid.

What is more likely, is that if you purchase this device will be placed on the kitchen counter. That is to say, that the speaker would aim toward the wall, which helps the sound to be immersive for issues of acoustics. We were able to test the audio of this new Echo and we can confirm that it has improved with respect to the previous version.

Something that we really liked was the fact that it now has eight speakers. Four in the top and four others in the bezel where it is located the camera. This makes it easier in conditions where there is a lot of noise, you don’t have to yell at Alexa to listen to you. We put the volume very high and when we mention the word “Alexa” without yelling, the Wizard was activated.

Expand the video

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From a year ago, Amazon added the possibility to call another person through Alexa Calling. It was the first step to be able to make calls from speakers smart but it required that the person on the other side of the line had a device, Echo it, or to have the application of Alexa on your cell phone to be able to answer, which limits a lot the possibility to call any person. In this sense, the Google Assistant and the speakers of these companies are in front of Amazon, being able to call businesses or to any contact on your phone with simple voice commands.

To try to keep this feature relevant and more available to all, Amazon integrated in to Skype on the Echo Show. Despite the fact that every time less people use Skype, the ayroía of people created an account at some point and now, with the Echo Show, you can call your family overseas from your Echo Show via Skype.

In that sense, we would like to that Amazon managed to integrate in some way with Android to make calls directly from the cell phone. Possibly we can see this feature in the future but it requires that both tech giants (Google and Amazon) to collaborate with each other.

The video conferencing is achieved through a front camera of 5 megapixel. We were not able to test yet this feature, but we hope to be able to do it when we get a device to test it for several days.

Our conclusion

The first impressions that we have of this device are positive. The audio has improved, and above all, the design is much more beautiful and elegant than the previous version. For now, we say that it is a device that we would like to have, but need to know what will happen now that they announced that Alexa will work with devices from Lenovo.

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