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Why take for sure that all the world can play their favorite game with the console Xbox using two hands? The truth is that, in the world, there are many gamers who, for whatever reason, can not use their hands to play and they have to do it with other parts of your body, such as elbows, feet and even the mouth.

And Microsoft is aware of this. For this reason, the giant with headquarters in Redmond, Washington, has launched a new control or remote control for your Xbox console – the Xbox Adaptive Controller – which adds to and facilitates the possibility of playing people with some kind of physical limitation or with difficulty performing certain activities of daily living.

“Everyone has the opportunity to play”, as underlines Evelyn Thomas, Manager of the accessibility program for the Xbox.

Therefore, the new control, which will be available for sale through the shop of Xbox and Microsoft, will go on the market this year with a price tag of $99 dollars for that no one is left without play.

Global launch

Xbox has been announced, with pride, that your Xbox Adaptive Controller will be launched in 17 new markets in 2019. In addition, the list of destinations fortunate, are Mexico and Colombia.

In particular, the new countries that will offer the acclaimed control or command are: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Japan, Slovakia, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, south Africa, Taiwan, Turkey and united Arab Emirates.

The company ensures that we will soon offer more details about the global launch of this device and accessory.


This command and control is designed so that it can connect to many accessories and be so much more flexible and dynamic, thanks to the 19 ports of 3.5 mm and two USB ports that have been added in front, along with a few icons in relief so that they can be identified easily.

Estefania Oliver/Digital Trends, in Spanish

In this way, some external devices such as switches, larger buttons, brackets, and joysticks can be attached to the Adaptive Controller to create a personalized experience, according to the needs of each player.

In terms of design, we can rapidly see that the new command has two larger buttons – with a space between them to rest the hands or elbows, for example – which occupy the greater part of it, along with other buttons on the side with which gamers are already familiar because they are also on the regular control of the Xbox and that allow you to add more functions, movements, etc, to the game.

But what really think ‘gamers’ of this new control?

Because, in the words of Mike Luckett , who, after a motorcycle accident, he lost some mobility in their hands and who already was able to test the new command as a tester official of Microsoft: “it Is a new way of playing the game again and it gives me hope for me and other players that have a situation similar to mine.”

“I was always a big video game player and, after the accident, he could not play at the level that I wanted. Now, I can go back to play in a manner competitive”, he adds. And the truth is that, to seeing him play, one realizes instantly what you’re passionate about the games and how good it is.

Your physical problems not found limits with the new control, along with his great gifts as a player.

The truth is that this new control is a good complement for controls or controllers with regular Xbox and makes it easier for many other people the possibility to enjoy and interacturar with friends and family playing their favorite game. “We can with this new control to reach a wider audience or public,” concludes Thomas.


The story around the new Xbox Adaptive Controller back to 2015, in particular, to the Hackathon from Microsoft that took place in that year. There was presented the idea, as he confesses Bryce Johnson, of the department of research of products, and Microsoft accessibility. And, after that, he went on to create a prototype of the control. Then, two igenieros electrical and other mechanical made another version and, little by little, this new command was taking shape.

Once the idea had already materialized, you needed to create a business plan for the device. Who was going to go this new control? Then, the Microsoft team that had conceived and developed the idea, believed the product deserved to be in the house, that is to say, that it should be a product of the family Microsft and Xbox. But, in addition, was required also the collaboration of third parties, such as organizations and Ngos to increase, still more, the range of possibilities and compatible devices.

We also collaborated very closely with the Hospital, Craig and Erin Muston-Firsch, the Assistive Technology Lab of the same hospital. The idea was to really create a device that would allow a greater number of people to play their favorite games from the Xbox console and that it will serve, at the same time, as therapy for many patients.

But if the new control was to be from Microsoft, had to comply with the quality standards of other devices in the house. Thus, in the different laboratories of Microsoft in Redmond, was tested the control by simulating several possible scenarios to verify its duration and its resistance to thermal and against chemicals, the strength of its buttons and connectors, the color will not change with use, etc

Only for the buttons, several machines of the laboratories put pressure on the same in various models for over two weeks, 24 hours a day. So are the tests performed by the team of Microsoft to make sure that the device will not break nor will you suffer any type of defect, once exit the market.

Availability and price

The Xbox Adaptive Controller was announced last march and we know that many users will be eager to play video games with this control, that would make it easier, and pilots improve the game experience. Fortunately, the control went on sale on September 5 and can be purchased from Microsoft right now for $99.99 usd.

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