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Farruko tells us of her life “In a letter to another” by HBO Latino

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Daniel Matus/Digital Trends, in Spanish

Farruko, the puerto rican singer of reggaeton and trap latino, is the new protagonist of “letter one”, a docurrecital HBO Latino which this year reaches its third edition and has had among its protagonists prior to Peter Hood (2017) and People D Zone (2018).

What is In the letter of another? Submitted in July of 2017 as a project of “cine-concert of the summer”, the documentary invites us to know the intimacy of a particular artist through tribute, particularly, that this makes of songs, composers and performers that were instrumental in his life. Are names and music without which its inspiration –and race itself– might never have come to be what they are.

And is that… is true: each one of our lives has a soundtrack inside that has been there playing since we were small. But in an artist, this soundtrack is not simply background music, but the real source of your creativity. Farruko, in particular, seems to have all this quite clear: Héctor Lavoe, Frankie Ruiz, Divine, and, above all, Jerry Rivera.

Filmed in Puerto Rico, Farruko interpreted in this documentary –a visually stunning– interprets the songs that have inspired him in his career. All of them will be compiled into an album of the same name (production executive Sharo Towers) that will be launched this August 23 by Sony Music Latin.

In the film, their performances are interwoven with intimate conversations about their childhood, education, and musical influences. some of the topics included are “I am Born again” (Frankie Ruiz), “What is Wrong” (Jerry Rivera), “You Loose your Hair” (Yandel), “I Trancaron” (Divine) and “Pending” (Ricardo Arjona).

To those who know, this selection will not strange. Digital Trends in Spanish had the opportunity to speak with him at the offices of HBO Latino, in New York, to learn a little more about this experience.

Digital Trends in Spanish – From the moment that you decide to participate in this documentary, how long it takes you to choose the songs?

Farruko Because that was what it took, believe me. Because everything that was making the songs and record them, that was quick. But choosing the themes, in particular, was something that took us time. There were many songs in the first draft of that suit. We had to be selective, because the project had to give a variety to make the documentary. And not only that: I had to find themes that were quick to get to the original composers to be able to ask them for permissions.

DT IS – AND following this line, was there any song that you said at the time: “this sure will!”.

hbo latino farruko en letra de otro 02Farruko – Yes. “There’s a tear”, of Divine. It is a topic that was well-famous in Puerto Rico and that he dedicated to a friend who passed away. And I immediately had that theme in mind. So I wanted to dedicate it to a friend that I lost, whom I could not make a song to the dismissal. There in Puerto Rico, this tune always put at the funeral,and I had very clear in my mind, from the first moment: this one is going, for sure!

DT IS – What would be your diagnosis about the current “state of health” of the reggaeton?

Farruko: what is health? Well, I think that right now… is perfectly fine and has the hemoglobin high, because you’re eating a lot (laughter). We are eating in all the countries, thank God. It is a genre that is predominant in these moments, and that has latinos looking good in front of other people, isn’t it? Because, for example, the americans want to cooperate with us and the people of Europe wants to do the same. It is a rhythm that is moving the world.

DT IS – what Is the real “pop” of today?

Farruko Exact. Is the new pop.

DT IS – In 15 years, what Farruko looks still singing reggaeton?

Farruko – With the beard longer, more bald (laughs). See… I wouldn’t discount the idea. But I do not want to remove old music. I would like to work more in the business within the music (N. of R.: Farruko is the owner of her own music label, Carbon Fiber Music), and perhaps develop more talents. In addition, I like the performance also. I like to develop products, not only of artists: to create shoes, clothes, etc. I see it more as a bussiness man in the future, within the world of entertainment. I do not visualize this as a reguetonero still at 40 or 45 years. I still have about 10 years in which I want to keep working, keep growing, making music. But I have other dreams that I would like to achieve.

DT IS – AND, to finish, Digital Trends in Spanish is a technology page, and we can not stop to ask: are you iPhone or Android?

Farruko – Am iPhone.

DT IS – AND WHAT social network that you use the most?

Farruko – Instagram and WhatsApp.

Man of open mind, friendly, with a sense of humor to flower of skin and without harshness. Never would you think that this is someone whose songs far outweigh the hundreds of millions of listeners on Spotify. His remix, “Calm”, which interpreted together with Peter Hood, already nearly reached 600 million, without counting the 1.5 trillion (1,500 billion) views on YouTube. Someone who does not forget at any time where it comes from, but even more, it is very clear where he wants to go. Perhaps in these two certainties, lies the formula of their success.

You’ll be able to see the full documentary “Farruko. In Letter of Other” only on HBO Latino this Friday, August 23 at 8:00 PM (ET).

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