Farming Simulator enters the eSports in league of its own

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The fever of the eSports seems to know no limits and a good proof of this is the news that we bring to you today: Giants Software has announced that it is going to create a league eSport with one of their most popular games, Farming Simulator. This league will consist of ten tournaments in teams of three, which will take place in Europe in different countries and attentive to the data, because the winners will be able to take a whopping € 250,000 euros in an award granted by the developer.

What is the tournament? If you know the game, it will be the fastest in any of the tasks plays a farmer, from sowing up to take care of the farm animals. In addition to the ability to managing all the farming implements, one of the keys to the success of the pudding will be done with cutting-edge technology and machinery of first level. This way, if in FIFA you could enjoy stadiums shocking, in this title you will gain access to a listing of modern tractors and tools that will make the difference.

Giants Software has announced that the tournament will be held at such important events as the Gamescom and Paris Games Week, and in them, the participants will be able to earn points for the circuit and take a well-deserved prizes. Once that ends the season, on the other hand, the teams that accumulate the most points will meet in FarmCon 2020 to compete for a championship in which will be about $ 110,000 dollars in prize money.

If you do not yet know Farming Simulator, it’s worth a try, and enjoy the quality of the detail that is reflected with regard to the daily life of the tenants, and if you were wondering… yes, here also you’ll be driving vehicles. However, far from the breakneck speeds and fast-paced franchises like GTA, here the merit lies in the ability to reach before to finish a task without causing destruction.

In regard to the business model, Giants Software hopes to have with the sponsors of the agricultural sector, as might be expected, and away from other advertisers who already know of the world of eSport.

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