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Facebook will donate $1 million if you use your new filters and stickers in Messenger

borrar mensajes en Facebook Messenger
Annually in October celebrates the World Day of Mental Health, and in addition to raising awareness and dispelling the stigma, serves as an opportunity to have some conversations about this important topic. Facebook wants to facilitate that interaction through new filters, and stickers designed to invite conversations and support around depression, suicide and a variety of relevant topics, and donating —with your help— a total of $1 million dollars in the process.

According to Facebook, while social media can be a great place to share joyful moments, the private messaging is really where the majority of people would prefer to share about their emotional needs or other serious issues. The company conducted a survey among its users in the united States, the United Kingdom and Australia, in which 80% of respondents said that they felt they could be honest when they are communicating by private messages.

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This is why the company is launching a new package of stickers for Messenger. With the title of “Let’s Talk” (let’s Talk), aims to enable users to communicate between them, “when the words are hard to find,” according to Facebook. Some images are designed for those who need help to communicate with friends and family, while others will serve to encourage or support those in need. There are 16 new stickers in total.

But perhaps more important than the stickers themselves is the fact that every time you use one of them, Facebook will donate $1 dollar to a group of mental health organizations, to reach $1 million dollars. The company has not disclosed the specific organizations that will be donating, but says the feature was developed in partnership with the World Health Organization.

The company has also developed a camera filter for selfies, which also aims to invite to the conversation and show support. “It takes less than a minute to show someone that you care. Share your selfie with “Let’s Talk” is an easy way to do it,” the company said in a statement.

To use the filter chamber of the World Day of Mental Health “Let’s Talk”, you just need to open camera in Facebook or Messenger, and choose the filter, that is at the bottom of the screen. You can also download the package of stickers by clicking the smiley face in the text box of any chat Messenger.

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