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Facebook used data of its users in a ‘black list’ against competitors

facebook lista negra competidores

Leaked documents show that Facebook used data from its users as part of negotiation with their advertising partners, and took advantage of the data against their competitors in a ‘black list’.

An initial report from NBC News in April showed confidential documents containing internal communications of Facebook from 2011 to 2015 as part of an ongoing demand. The documents recently leaked, about 7,000 pages in total, we shed light on how CEO Mark Zuckerberg allegedly used the data of the users as a ‘lever’ for the associations of the company.

On the basis of documents, Facebook would reward or punish their partners with data about their users as the main piece of negotiating, placing them on a ‘white list’ or a ‘black list’. For example, the social network gave Amazon access (whitelist) to the data of their users to give the advertising expense of Amazon in their platform, but denied access to the data (black list) of MessageMe under his “policy of reciprocity” because Facebook saw this application as a competitor.

Among the companies that are allowed access to the data of the users were Hootsuite, Tinder, Venmo , and Nissan, among several others. The companies that were included in the ‘black list’ included Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat and other messaging applications.

“Facebook kept a black list of competitors that Zuckerberg personally reviewed, specifying their level of access to the API platform (application programming interface), and any change in the black list are not allowed without someone on the level of Mark Zuckerberg approval,” the ministry said part of the documents.

Facebook already is being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for reasons of antitrust with respect to their treatment of the competitors. The FTC is focusing on whether the company attempted to acquire its rival in social networks before they become a threat to your business, specifically Instagram and WhatsApp.

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