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Facebook had access to the camera of your iPhone while using your app

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The controversies surrounding the privacy of the users of Facebook continue, and on this occasion, the owners of Apple phones were affected. It was discovered that the application of Facebook could have access to the camera of your iPhone in the background, without your permission, while you were using the social network.

This disturbing situation was discovered initially by some users who complained on Twitter, explaining that they saw that the camera of their phones are kept active while moving normally through your feed of Facebook.

According to explained to the persons affected, the fault is not apparent at first glance, but they say that when an image is opened in the app of Facebook and it slides down to return to the feed, you may notice that the icon of the camera’s viewfinder is visible at the left edge. Fortunately for the owners of Android phones, this problem is not present in the Android app of Facebook.

What does it say Facebook?

The social networking giant has addressed the growing concerns about the technical problem of the camera of the iPhone and accepted his responsibility, explaining that the error was introduced inadvertently while trying to fix another unrelated problem. However, the social network did not issue any apology, but simply referred it to point out that it should not be a topic of concern because it has already been solved.

“We have not seen evidence that they have uploaded photos or videos due to this error,” said a spokesperson in a statement to TechCrunch, adding that a solution to this technical problem has already been sent and is available through an update.

How to prevent access to your camera

Although the social network claims that a solution was sent and that the problem should no longer be present, in order to ensure your privacy you may want to revoke access to the camera for the implementation of Facebook on your iPhone.

You can do this by going to Settings and scrolling down until you find the option for Facebook. Tap Facebook and choose to Allow access to Facebook. Once there, you must simply turn off the switch next to Camera. You can also go to the App Store and check for updates to the application from Facebook.

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