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Everything you should know about HarmonyOS, the operating system of Huawei

sistema operativo huawei harmony os logoThe rumors proved to be true: Huawei has finally introduced its own operating system, and comes under the name of HarmonyOS. The software platform stole the attention of the Conference of Developers of Huawei in China, where it was explained that it is designed to provide an experience “unified and coherent” on a variety of devices, including tablets, portable devices, computers, cars, screens, and other smart devices. However, in what seems like an epic omission, it will not come to its smartphones, at least for now. Below you’ll find everything you should know about HarmonyOS, the operating system of Huawei.

Expected release

Formerly known as Hongmeng (that is the name that will have the software in China and that means “Genesis”), the rumours of an operating system built by Huawei have been circulating for quite some time, and some of them date back to more than a year ago. But the work on the operating system it goes back further than that, since the development began two years ago, according to the company.

“We are entering an era in which people expect an experience smart comprehensive on all devices and scenarios,” said Richard Yu, CEO of the Business Group Consumer Huawei. “To support this, we felt that it was important to have a system operating with cross-platform capabilities improved. We needed an operating system that supports all the scenarios, that can be used in a wide range of devices and platforms, and can meet the demand for low-latency and robust security for consumers.”

It is different to Android or iOS. But will it be better?

Yu says that HarmonyOS is technically different to Android and iOS, since it is based on microkernels (micro-kernel), as well as the software Fuchsia Google. Huawei wants developers to create applications once, and that the operating system provides the flexibility to distribute them in multiple ranges of products and devices.

This flexible distribution is one of the four important aspects of HarmonyOS, along with an emphasis on the management of resources, low latency, and high performance, enhanced security and ease of development of applications for different devices and hardware configurations.

What devices will have Harmony OS?

An operating system is nothing without developers. Huawei knows this, and that is why he has taken the wise decision to make HarmonyOS is open source worldwide, and has a three-year plan to optimize the platform to new devices.

The first product to be launched with HarmonyOS will be the smart display Honor Vision, followed by other devices that also are focused on the screens of smart, portable devices and entertainment systems for cars. Interestingly, it mentions a Huawei Vision in the press release, suggesting that Huawei is also planning a smart screen own.

Why not come to the phone?

cámara del Oppo Reno 10x Zoom vs. Huawei P30 ProHuawei is committed to Android, something that has been repeated many times, and clearly has no desire to be separated from the ecosystem of Google in the short term, unless you are absolutely forced to do so. While the busiest situation of Huawei with the government of the U.s. continues, the possibility of Android to stay on their phones is greater than before, although still there has been no announcements on the subject of any of the parties involved.

Where it will display the operating system of Huawei?

If you wanted to test the new operating system Huawei, we have bad news, unless you’re in China. In addition to keeping HarmonyOS away from the smartphones, the company said that, at least for now, will remain only within the asian country.

Huawei says that this will “lay the groundwork” for the software, and to engage with their millions of users that are already using connected devices, before expanding to the global market. But don’t think that this means that Huawei has no aspirations to serious for HarmonyOS. During the next few years, will share the capabilities of connectivity, camera, and artificial intelligence software with global partners, and these characteristics are the most important outlets for the phones of Huawei.

Why it was called Harmony ?

Although a Girl is known as Hongmeng, which means Genesis, the international name for the operating system, Harmony, (which in Spanish means harmony) has been chosen for a reason: Richard Yu said that he hopes that the software will bring more peace and convenience to the world. But there is another meaning, because it also represents the harmony that you want that exists within Huawei and its growing range of connected devices, in a moment in which the complex business relationships at the international level make it difficult to achieve. Only time will tell if the new operating system of Huawei achieves its objectives, bringing honor to his name.

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