Everything we know about God of War Ragnarok

One of the upcoming games to launch and that have generated the greatest expectation today is God of War Ragnarok . The game was officially unveiled in September 2020 and while the final title is yet to be confirmed, what is certain is that it is a sequel to the 2018 God of War .

Since then, the information about the game has not been too much, but still there are several things that are already known about Ragnarok that we have compiled for this list. Namely, there is a trailer, a launch window, and the platforms it could come out on. And a warning: in this article there is a spoiler related to a certain episode at the end of God of War 2018.

The Ragnarok Announcement Trailer

More than a trailer it was a teaser that was shown at the PS5 event in September 2020 and, in terms of official information about the project, what you see there is all we know. Nothing about gameplay was shown and we were only left with the logo, the tentative last name of Ragnarok and the year in which it will be released.

Regardless, that trailer is enough to get fans excited.

Release date

The 2021 seen in the video is quite clear: the game is expected for this year, although an exact date has not been given. The logical thing would be that this becomes one of the great releases of PlayStation 5 for the Christmas season, when a good number of users already have the console in their homes.

And thinking about the game coming out at the end of the year seems logical. Cory Barlog, the director of God of War 2018 and also God of War II for the now old and almost retro PlayStation 2, gave some clues via Twitter in 2019, in a thread in which each of the tweets began with the letters of the word RAGNAROK; In other words, on that date the game was already being worked on. Likewise, the period between 2019 and the end of 2021 seems appropriate, considering that a good part of what was built for the 2018 game can be reused.

Here is Cory Barlog's Twitter thread:

Reminiscing about how crazy the last 6 yrs has been so I thought I would create a GOW BTS THREAD of photos + thoughts. Buckle up, gonna 'be long. ????

It all started out as scribbles and notes on a board and a stack of note cards. Big board image is an early breakdown of the story.

& mdash; Cory Barlog ???? (@corybarlog) April 21, 2019

Of course, it is possible that some things have undergone changes along the way, mainly due to the pandemic that has forced many studies to have to do work from home. This has an impact on the development of a game and even the delay of its release date; An example is Halo Infinite , which went from being released alongside the Xbox Series X to only being released in late 2021.

Anyway, so far the God of War Ragnarok release year has not changed and is still 2021.

Platforms: PS5 and PS4?

It is certain that God of War Ragnarok is going to be released on PlayStation 5, but an eventual version for PlayStation 4 cannot be ruled out. The trailer did not give any clues about it, but since it was shown at a game event for PS5, that version it must be taken for granted.

Now, God of War is one of the most important PlayStation brands and Sony would be interested if as many people as possible could play it. Therefore, thinking of a PS4 version is within the plausible, taking into account that there are more than 110 million units of that console in the world. Horizon Forbidden West is another great Sony premiere that will have two versions and, on the other hand, the company has already said "no comment" at the time of being asked whether the game will be exclusive to PS5 .

And the gameplay?

So far, we have seen nothing regarding how God of War Ragnarok will play . However, it is most likely very similar to God of War of 2018, and that means that there will be an ax, that there will be a lot of melee combat and that Atreus would have to have a significant role in the game. The latter also marked by what happens at the end of the previous God of War , in which it is revealed that Atreus is Loki, is it that perhaps there are sections of the game in which Atreus is controlled?

In any case, on the gameplay section there is not much that can be said because nothing has been seen so far. If it is to play it safe, then you should expect a game system and mechanics similar to those of the 2018 title, with the already traditional adjustments and improvements of a sequel.

Multiplayer: does not seem possible

God of War has had multiplayer before. You will remember what was the 2013 God of War Ascension , which brought a way in which many Kratos (or similar to Kratos) faced each other. Still, given the new direction that God of War has taken, it would be normal for Ragnarok to remain a single player game. The 2018 game took a new tack in terms of campaign narrative and focus, so we don't know how a shared or competitive game mode could fit into that scheme. Also, considering that the game would have to come out this year, it does not seem that time works in favor of creating an extra mode for a game like this.

It's not that a multiplayer mode can be ruled out by default, though. In fact, an asynchronous system like what is seen in games like Dark Souls seems appropriate, in which players leave messages and notes scattered around the world. But a competitive multiplayer? It doesn't seem likely.

Downloadable content

Downloadable content and expansions is something that should never be ruled out and especially in productions as large as those made by Sony. The antecedent is clear: the God of War of 2018 did have additional content, in the form of elements such as weapons and also game modes. But in general, the God of War series (including the old games) never had such great expansions, beyond specific things. Will that change with Ragnarok ?

Will there be pre-sale?

For now, God of War cannot be purchased in advance. The rule for those types of actions is simple: when specific launch dates are announced, advance purchases are also activated in all formats, whether physical or digital. God of War Ragnarok (or whatever it is called) should not be different.

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