Does Linux pre-installed on a ThinkPad from Lenovo? Yes

It is true: your next ThinkPad Lenovo could come with Linux pre-installed. The company with headquarters in Beijing announced its association with the Fedora Project to create notebooks that will include this operating system, giving users the option of having in their hands a device with Fedora Linux in place of Windows 10 without having to install it for your account after purchase.

The ThinkPad P1 of the second generation, the ThinkPad X1, eighth-generation and the ThinkPad P53 are the models that will feature this system; if the pilot program is successful and users are asking for more, the company will expand the selection of devices that include Linux Fedora.

detalle de una Lenovo ThinkPad con su logo

Specifically, the system that will offer the ThinkPad is the new Fedora 32 Workstation. With this measure, Lenovo joins firms such as Dell, which already has this option, in addition to other lesser known brands such as Purism, System76 and ZaReason.

Matthew Miller, the leader of the Fedora Project, stated: “Obviously, this is very important for us. The complicated process of install Fedora to replace another operating system can be a obstacle even for those who know technology. A laptop from a major brand name with Fedora pre-installed will help bring Fedora to a wider audience”.

This is another step in the integration of Linux systems and most popular brands. Recently, Microsoft announced that in the next update of its operating system will integrate a direct access to the Linux files from the file Browser, so that users have access to the root of the Linux distributions that are installed on your PC.

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