Do you remember the Pong of Atari? Revived in another format

A November 29, 1972, the founder of Atari, Nolan Bushnellcreated a video game that would change the story: the Pong. With a simple and straightforward interface, it was a palette vertical hitting a ball and emulate the game of ping-pong, hence the name.

And for Atari during the seventies and eighties was his first great success, hence perhaps the desire of republishing 48 years later in 2020 with a new format.

Because the game company wants to make a Pong RPG, which will be called Pong Quest.

Here is the description made by Atari and a preview of the game:

“Welcome to the world of TENNIS Quest, a new version is hilarious to the highly successful arcade. Immerse yourself in a role-playing adventure inspired by PONG as a palette humanized through a variety of dungeon themes, all loosely based on various classic hits from Atari. Take on other paddles with special balls, which streamlines the classic game of PONG, and challenging others in line with your custom-load or in battles TENNIS classic”, says Atari.

The director of operations of Atari, Jean-Marcel Nicolai, spoke about this Tennis Quest.

“TENNIS as a role-playing game is something completely unexpected, but wonderful in execution. We are happy to give life to PONG Quest to honor the classic IP and bringing the beloved gameplay to a new generation of players and fans of role-playing games. Atari has a rich portfolio of titles and explore new ways to give new life to those franchises produced exciting results,” he said.

What brings this Tennis Quest?

  • Battle modes, classic, competitive and in-line, complemented with a story mode.
  • Customization of palette: design and customize your own avatar from a palette with fun clothes, accessories, and more.
  • Boosters in abundance: more than 50 balls TENNIS specialized, each with their own unique attributes, they give players the ability to make their rebounds are more ferocious than ever.
  • TENNIS for All: participate in the multiplayer mayhem with up to three additional players, each with the ability to use balls TENNIS specialized, creating unpredictable twists and fun immeasurable.

PONG Quest will launch digitally on Windows PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation®4. PONG Quest will be available for $ 14.99 usd in the spring of the united States.

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