Do you overheat your Chromecast and it turns off when you play Stay? You are not the only

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After months of waiting since its initial announcement, Google finally launched Stay, its gaming platform in the cloud, which is compatible with a number of devices. One of the cheaper forms of play in 4K resolution is through the transmission device, Chromecast Ultra. However, some of the first users of Stay report that their Chromecast overheats and shuts down abruptly during active sessions of play.

The frustrated users, who shared their experiences through Reddit and other social platforms, they say that when they tried to manually restart your Chromecast Ultra by unplugging and re-plugging in, they noticed that it was extremely hot to the touch.

It does not appear that this problem is serious, but most likely is that the device has suffered from thermal problems and has overheated to the point that the only drawback is that it is fully shut down. What’s worse in this case, is that it gives no prior warning nor leaves players no option to save your progress in the game.

“I was in the middle of a fight in Destiny 2 when suddenly my Chromecast died and lost connectivity to the network. I went to unplug it and it was very hot,” wrote the author of the original thread on Reddit that started this series of complaints. Most of the people say who bought the special edition Founder’s Edition and are using a new Chromecast Ultra, which essentially means that Google has not made an additional optimization.

Although technically Stay stream the games via streaming, that requires a set decent of modern hardware to be able to run. For its part, Chromecast Ultra was launched three years ago and possibly never was designed to take into account a gaming platform in the cloud.

Devices Chromecast Google were already known to overheat in longer sessions of video-streaming. Given that playing games in 4K in Stay consumed 10 gigs of data each hour, it is possible that Chromecast Ultra simply doesn’t have enough power to withstand several hours of playing MMO games (massively multiplayer online) such as Destiny 2 , and other similar.

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