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Do you not know how to clean the charging port of the iPhone?

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The charging port of the iPhone tends to be very reliable, but with time, could become clogged, blocked or dirty, and affect its utility. If your phone is not charging properly, or if the battery level is not appropriate, before you take it to the repair shop you might want to try a simple solution: clean the charging port.

Before you start

To avoid possible problems, if possible, first try to clean the charging port without touch or insert anything inside. The port includes delicate points of contact, and tiny strips of metal in which the charging cable must be connected. If the contact points are damaged, then the charger will not work at all, no matter how much you try to clean it up.

On the other hand, if the anchors that secure the parts in place of any of the sides are damaged, they will be able to keep the cable connected, which is another serious problem. The only solution after a problem like this is to make the charging port to be replaced by a professional, which has costs in time and money. Then, the first rule is to be extremely careful.

To the charging port of your iPhone to continue functioning as it should, or to re-operate, we present to you the three best ways to fix it, and what you need to know to do it well and get the best results. These methods obviously work for other mobile products from Apple, such as iPads, though perhaps you should start with the third option if you have a device larger or more expensive.

Option 1: Using compressed air

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One of the best options to clean the charging port of the iPhone is to use a can of compressed air, which you can buy in any hardware store, warehouse, or through online stores. Hold the can close to the port (but not too close), and certainly don’t try to put the nozzle in, to avoid damaging the delicate parts. Once this is done, spray the air in bursts of very short and light.

We advise you to resist the temptation of blowing on the port: the humid, hot air from the human mouth does not favor the interior of the port and their points of contact. After you have sprayed carefully a burst of air in the port, wait a few seconds and then try to connect the charging cable again and check if it is detected by the phone. If the air has been cleaned of dust or debris stuck in the port, then it should be working fine again.

Option 2: take a chance with a toothpick

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Sometimes, a can of air is not going to be enough. There could be accumulated dirt in the port from which the air cannot be in charge, or a particle lodged with too much force that can not be removed easily. In these cases, you can try to clean up a little using a thin object inside the charging port. Once more, all the dangers that you mentioned still apply, so it is important to be as careful as possible. The ideal is to use a toothpick as a tool, as the wood is softer and more flexible than the plastic or the metal.

With a toothpick in the hand and your iPhone off, looking for a place with good lighting, such as under a desk lamp. Inserted slightly the tip of the toothpick in the loading port and shake it gently. Avoid pressing the toothpick in the beginning; but if it does not leave any particles or dirt, you can exercise the slightest pressure for a gentle scraping. More than that, and you risk to damage the port permanently.

Try to stay away from the sides of the port while you work, to avoid damage to the anchors. If you notice that your toothpick is stirring up some dirt, we recommend that, if possible, pairs of dig and use compressed air to make sure all particles are removed. Test again the charging cable to make sure it works.

Option 3: take your phone to a professional

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If you do not want to risk with the above methods, or if you tried and your charging port still doesn’t work, you will not only resign yourself and take your phone in to a professional. If you have an Apple Store nearby that you can visit, this is the best option.

A veteran employee will know how to clean the charging port safely, and will have the professional tools that can do a better job, like small vacuum cleaners and other useful artifacts. Best of all is that the Apple Store should clean up the port for free and get your iPhone working again, so don’t worry about the expenses.

If you don’t have an Apple store nearby, you can take your phone to any repair shop or similar business that specializes in devices or mobile computers, and they may be able to help you. Of course, there is no guarantee that someone else do it for free, but when it comes to delicate components, your iPhone generally is best in the hands of a professional, even if you have to pay a fee for this.

If you are still experiencing issues with the port charger, it could be that it just needs to be cleaned, but replaced, which entails higher costs, so it is time to decide if it is worth or if you should upgrade to a new phone, and better still if it has wireless charging.

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