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Do you miss your partner? Facebook has an app for you

Applications to find the love there are many, but what if you already have a partner? For that, Facebook comes to the rescue with a new app called Tuned which is a kind of social network very private and exclusive, only for you and your other half.

Tuned (that means “in tune”), was developed by New Product Experimentation – the team experimenting with new products from the company – and with it, a couple can share their mood states and share notes, photos, music, voice notes and even keep a journal of clippings with their special moments. They also have stickers and reactions, tailored, in addition to the tórtolos will have the option of linking the app with your Spotify account to share songs and playlists.

App Tuned de Facebook

According to the download page of the application, Tuned is “a private space in which you and your special person can be yourself. With Tuned, can be as sweet as bizarre and as silly as they are when they are together, even when they are apart”.

This application also serves to demonstrate that the compatibility of a couple is such that even covers their devices, because both must use an iPhone, which isn’t available for Android. At least for now.

Use Tuned, there is no fee and nor is it necessary to have an account of Facebook. If in these times of quarantine you spend all day pining next to the window because you miss your love, this could be a great way to strengthen their ties and to create new memories, even if they are virtual.

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