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Do you do videos? We recommend the best tripod for iPad

In the past, it was entertaining to watch people take pictures with an iPad. Let evidence of so many features, such as snobbery, for example. But although the cameras on the iPads are not ideal for some things – your phone is probably more flexible and easy to handle – the iPads and iPad Pros latest hold cameras that in fact are currently the best among the tablets. The iPad Pro 12.9 inches, with its rear camera of 12 megapixel camera and powerful processor A12X Bionic SoC, it can handle five trillion operations per second, just like the iPad Pro of 11 inches. That is not bad. Today the camera of the iPad is recognized for its excellent performance in video conferencing, filmmaking, photography, security, domestic and for any other purpose visual. Also you can use it for reading sheet music, watching videos, talking, public speaking, read eBooks and even to act. However, to keep a tablet steady while filmas can be a challenge, and that’s why we collect this list of the best tripods for the iPad.

Aluminum tripod Peyou

mejores tripodes para ipad peyou 768x768

If you’re shooting events, sports , or any activity indoor or outdoor, a good tripod to consider is the Peyou aluminum 127 cm with mount for flexible style two-in-one for iPhone and tablet. His legs, aluminum-alloy four sections extend up to 127 centimeters and includes a bubble level built in and a head that tilts and rotates for shooting in orientation of portrait or landscape. With his mount is detachable, it is easy to place your device. The easy coupling and grip padded to protect your device. In addition, it is compatible with a wide variety of cameras DSLR, action cameras and iOS and Android mobile devices. It is ideal for travellers and comes in a waterproof bag.

Tripod for tablet Raking

Los mejores trípodes para iPad

The tripod for tablet Raking, with its button adjustable cargo, and its support of spring, it is compatible with a wide variety of tablets and mobile devices, with measurements of 4.7 to 12 inches (diagonal). Manufactured with a lightweight aluminum column, you can adjust its height from 50 to 127 centimeters with a rotation of 360 degrees. Its swivel head allows you to easily tilt the unit until you reach the angle that you are looking for and an ergonomic height. Includes a wireless remote shutter that is small enough to fit in your pocket and can operate at a distance of up to nine meters. You can carry it in your bag close including.

Tripod for iPad Vstyle

mejores tripodes para ipad vstyle 2 768x768

This tripod retractable Vstyle for tablet, made of lightweight aluminum, is compact and easy to use – the crank rotates, the legs contract, and other moving parts are bent. It is compatible with a variety of iPads and other tablets. You can adjust your height from 50 to 152 centimeters, while their head that rotates 360 degrees allows you to accommodate the tablet in any position, either portrait or landscape. It is very easy to carry everywhere with his bag of close.

Tripod for recording video with iPad

mejores tripodes para ipad pledulab 768x768

This tripod serves to make videos, but also does many more things. It is ideal for photographers, teachers, speakers and anyone who needs to place an iPad at a certain height. It is easy to assemble, carry and store. It is compatible with devices between 7.9 and 12 inches, including the iPad 1, 2, 3 or 4, the iPad Mini 2, 3 or 4, the iPad Air and the iPad Air 2. Its height is adjustable between 55 and 140 cm, with rotation of 360 degrees. This tripod aluminum alloy has a foldable design and includes a carry bag for transporting.

Tripod for iPad LetsRun

mejores tripodes para ipad letsrun 768x768

Lightweight and portable, the tripod for the iPad LetsRun is compatible with all tablets between 8 and 12 inches, both iPads as other brands, such as Samsung, Sony, Dell, Google and Microsoft, although it is not compatible with the new model of the iPad Pro 12.9 inches. The height of this article folding aluminum can be adjusted between 39 and 144 centimeters to make videos, chat, watch movies and read eBooks. Thanks to its ball joint the 360 degrees you can orient your device in any angle and position.

Aluminum tripod Acuvar Pro Series

mejores tripodes para ipad acuvar 768x768

Thanks to its compact size (a mere 43 inches when fully retracted), the tripod Acuvar of 145 centimeters is easy to carry to any event in its own transport bag. Will fit tablets with screens between 5.5 and 9.7 inches, which makes it perfect for most iPads and tablets Samsung, although not for the iPad Pro 12.9 inches. It is easy to use, with locks to extend and retract their legs. Just put a pin in the open position to extend a paw. Extend the centre column is simple: simply rotate the side lever in the direction of clockwise until you reach the angle and the height perfect. At the end, just put back everything in its original position. This unit includes a shutter remote Bluetooth for iOS and Android, with which you can take pictures from a distance of up to nine meters.

Adjustable tripod Grifitti Nootle

mejores tripodes para ipad grifiti 768x768

To mount large universal the last of our list of best tripods for iPad, will fit many tablets popular, including the iPad Pro and the Surface Pro. With a height of up to 152.5 centimeters, it is compatible with tablets between 9 and 14.5 inches. It is ideal for making videos of all kind of action sports and stars of YouTube, lecturers, and speakers. Includes its own carry bag.

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