Do you bored of the same thing? Find here the best games for couples

Although there are games that are excellent for a single player, some of the best experiences require a partner. Whether solving a puzzle in space, compete in high-speed racing or fight to death with other couples in a virtual battlefield, having someone to help can make the experience much more fun. So if you have someone special with whom to play games, don’t miss our list of the best games for couples!

Portal 2

Portal 2, uno de los mejores juegos para jugar en pareja

The co-op mode of Portal 2 is perfect for couples who want to use their brains. Finish the levels with the help of your other half you can be more complicated than you might think, but although sometimes you’ll want to throw the control and forget it, with time both will be in sync and will face the obstacles with ease.

The campaign mode with another player helping you, it is also hilarious, and the levels created by users will keep you hooked long after you have finished the content included with the game.

Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends, uno de los mejores juegos para jugar en pareja

Rayman Legends is a fantastic quiz of skill in the platforms and its co-op mode is the perfect choice for players with different skill levels. If you lose all your health it is not the end of the game, because your partner can “shattering” like a balloon to return to the action. It is a unique feature of the cooperative game with which you can tackle each level with strategy and without stress.

The sections of Murfy also play in co-op mode, but only if you have an old version of the game, as the Wii U original. Here, a player can control the character Murfy while solving puzzles, while the other plays like a normal platform. However, the music stages are the ones that will keep you glued to the console. When the two are running and jumping while playing a version of Eye of the Tiger on kazoo, will feel ready to conquer the world.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, uno de los mejores juegos para jugar en pareja

The series of Mario Kart has always been a great option for couples and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is no exception, mixing races that defy gravity with some classic tracks that date back to the era of the SNES.

In the Nintendo Switch, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is perfect for two players because you can play it on the tv or in a “table” with two controls Joy-With. No matter where you go – to dinner, to the park, the back seat of a car or to the airport – the race will never end.

Life is Strange

Life is Strange, uno de los mejores juegos para jugar en pareja

Life is Strangefrom Dontnod Entertainment, it does not include co-op or competitive, but like many other adventure game with many dialogues, it is a great option to play as a team. Your partner and you can make decisions together and follow the journey of Max and Chloe. Also you can go going on the control, giving to the one who has the total control of the story, until it is time to return it.

Since it is divided into several short episodes, Life is Strange is perfect for short sessions with your loved one, to play a little before going to sleep and let their minds drift with theories about the story. It is not the only adventure game that is best enjoyed between two, but it is one of the most moving.

PlayerUnknown’s BattlegroundsPUBG, uno de los mejores juegos para jugar en pareja

You may believe that in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds each person must fend for himself, but in fact has a mode for two people. Instead of playing solo or as part of a squad, try to do a duet with your partner.

In this title, you and another player are facing 50 teams of two people, looking for and shooting to be the last two standing in a map that shrinks. Play with a partner opens the door to new strategies. For example, you can “catch” other players, pretending that you are looking for frantically in an open field to lure direct to the looks of your partner.

Splinter Cell BlacklistBlacklist, uno de los mejores juegos para jugar en pareja

Sam Fisher is usually a lone wolf, but can work in pairs if needed. Blacklist, the latest instalment in the franchise of action Splinter Cell from Ubisoft, includes a series of co-op missions that require two companions working in perfect harmony, certain areas can only be accessed with cooperative skills.

Unlike other games of stealth, to be detected or even captured does not imply that the game is over. If a player is caught and taken hostage by the enemy, can be rescued by a shot that is certain to your partner. This leads to extremely tense, and when they fully dominate his special ability of “mark and execute”, may end up with an endless number of fighters in seconds. Although the game is available for Wii U, that version has no support for co-op play in split screen, so we suggest searching for it on other platforms.

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Wildlands, uno de los mejores juegos para jugar en pareja

If Splinter Cell Blacklist requires precision and efficiency, Ghost Recon Wildlands is all chaos and experimentation. The game is set in a version huge of Bolivia and it is 100 percent possible to play it in co-op mode, with soldiers with artificial intelligence, filling out your squad of four members, if you play with your partner. Although you can order your teammates to artificial perform certain “shots synchronized” and some other skills, have a real player on your side makes the experience of leveling troops as a team feel a lot more special.

CupheadCuphead, uno de los mejores juegos para jugar en pareja

Cuphead is one of the more complicated games of the generation, and when played alone can be nearly impossible. The bosses are brutal, do not resist many blows before being defeated and the amount of projectiles on screen is laughing crazy. If to that you add another player, one can shoot a constant flow towards their enemies while the other focuses on protecting them from attacks. In addition, in co-op mode your partner and you can be saved from death by running to your side when they run out of health.

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