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Dish Network launches a remote control with an intelligent assistant

dish network asistente google assistant
If you’re looking for reasons to know if you should choose Dish Network for your television service satellite, and you have the ecosystem of Google in your smart home, this you might be interested in. After Dish announced that it will implement the Google Assistant in many of their devices, which means that you can control all aspects of the hardware of your Dish, including your DVR, using only your voice, now the company is rolling out a software update on receptor-Hopper, which allows customers to access the Wizard via the remote control of voice, at no additional cost.

To complement this new integration, the company also introduced a new remote control voice Dish with the Google brand, which comes with a button dedicated voice to the Wizard. Remote controls, voice existing also support the integration.

Of course, this is not necessarily great news if you are a fan of Alexa, as that Dish already had support for the wizard, Amazon, and even added more functionality with a new set of voice commands. Even so, if you are a user of Android or a fan of Google Home, you will be much more useful to have the Wizard.

With the addition of the Google Assistant, the hardware of Dish Network is really hands-free, with commands such as “turn on”, “mute”, “pause”, “resume” or “tune to the channel 140”, or the one you want. Commands such as “show me movies of Will Smith” or “show me programs contests” are also supported, which can be useful when you have a vague idea of what you want to see, but you don’t have anything specific in mind.

If you don’t have the new remote control with Google built-in, you will need another device with the Wizard to use the function, but that should not be difficult. You can use any horn of Google Home, and also your Android phone or even an iPhone. When it comes to the hardware of the Dish, you should not have any problems as long as you’re running something relatively recent.

This new functionality is available on all DVR Hopper connected to the Internet, as well as in Hopper Duo, Joey and Wally. If you wonder how to begin, you can find more information in the instructions for configuring the Google Assistant to work with Dish, in the publication that the company released to announce the new feature.

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