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Discover what is the best Roomba for your home according to your budget

mejor Roomba

If you’re already accustomed to using a vacuum cleaner autonomous, never prescindirás of it. Although not thoroughly cleaned, leave the house, lint-free and save you a lot of work and time to devote to other tasks. In the market there are more and more models, but the Roomba from iRobot are a point of reference that you must consider if you’re thought of purchase one or replace the one you already have. What is the best Roomba for you? That is the question that we answer, after analyzing dozens of models to figure out what works best.

Our favorite model is the Roomba 960, because it combines an affordable price with all the features of Roomba. However, we will tell you what other options you have with different price ranges for you to choose the one that best suits your budget.

Note: most of the models of Roomba come with a couple of options of different kits to choose from if you want to add filters or extra brushes to your package.


mejor Roomba

The model Roomba 960 offers the optimum point between the features and the prices of the Roomba, allowing you to have an intelligent robot cleaning with an average price (average within the range Roombas, of course). The model includes the system of suction and brushing of three stages of iRobot, equipped with brushes of rubber designed to clean both hard floors as carpets low. The brushes are bent to ensure that they are always at ground level, and the suction system is five times more powerful than the older models of the Roomba. The filter traps 99 percent of dust and allergens (although it is best to always have some filter replacement to hand if you use your Roomba frequently).

While Roomba incorporates plenty of smart features to navigate, including our autorecharge system of your battery in 75 minutes, it also comes with a device that allows you to create a virtual barrier that you can configure to divide specific areas in which you would not want the robot vacuum. The programming through the application of Roomba is excellent, but you can also choose to give orders by voice if you have an Echo appliance in the house.


mejor Roomba

You can find the robot vacuum cleaner Roomba 690 for under $300 dollars, which is great news for those who want a robot Roomba without a high price. To reduce the cost, this vacuum makes some concessions but remains an extremely solid with many of the great features of Roomba. Account with direct detection and the brushes multisurface, although the suction power is significantly reduced, so that this appliance may not be the best option for rugs or carpets thicker. However, the smart features and the application are fully enabled, including the technology of voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant, so that nothing is missing in terms of technology.


mejor Roomba

The model Roomba e5 is particularly good at picking up the hair of the animal household, as it combines the powerful suction with the brushes of rubber that can clean carpets and hard wood easily. It also comes with some of the latest technologies of your Roomba, including the auto-recharge, a full set of sensors and the compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant. This is even more interesting if one takes into account that it has a very reasonable price to be a model of Roomba. The battery lasts about 90 minutes on a hard surface. If you have pets and lots of hardwood that you want to keep clean, this is an excellent model and economic.


mejor Roomba

Maybe you don’t want to program complex schedules for your Roomba, or to receive reports of the work map, but you only want a simple vacuum cleaner autonomous to help keep the floor clean. Then the model 761 is for you: it incorporates many of the features that make the Roombas are great, at an affordable price, and a handy little button “Clean” on the top that you press to make the Roomba work without the need to make settings in the application. Account with all the essentials of your Roomba, because it has the cleaning system, the navigational sensors, the detection of the dirt and other intelligent features of cleaning, but you don’t have that messing around with any complicated programming if that is what you want.


mejor Roomba

If you have a lot of tile floors and wood, a robot vacuum cleaner may not interest you so much. That is why Roomba also offers the excellent mop robot Braava. You can dry sweep when necessary, but you can also change the mode mop with the tank full of water (or a solution of gentle cleansing). Braava can then scrub up to 380 square feet in a single cycle of load, which is ideal for the kitchen, dining room or similar spaces. However, this model requires the installation of the cube navigation NorthStart so that you can have an idea of the room, which may require a bit more work than a Roomba.

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