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Discover the best toasters for you to choose the one that suits you best

Is there anything more delicious than breakfast a slice of toast warm and crispy? Either with avocado and bacon, butter and jam, tomato and olive oil, ham and cheese… or any other way, with this delicious breakfast you can be sure your serving of carbohydrates to face the day with all the energy that you need. We don’t know if the bread you like some toast or at the edge of the carbonization, but the best toasters will satisfy any desire for culinary you want. I that’s for sure! The most modern models are like swiss knives, they do almost everything. A company of Vermont even has specialized in creating toasters custom of metal that allow users to reflect on their own face (or anyone else) in a toast, after sending a picture to the manufacturer to adapt the toaster into his face, of course. This device is very original, without doubt, but not what you’ll find in our selection: it will have some of the best machines we have found, at least are the ones that we liked after a lot of research for you.

mejores tostadoras


The best

mejores tostadoras

The toaster two slots Pro Line Series of KitchenAid is the best that you can get in appliances for toasting at home. Loaded with features, this toaster does everything except put the toast physically inside your mouth. The racks concentric and the lifting and lowering automatic detect really when it has been introduced the bread and when it has reached the color of toast desired.

One of the most unique features of the Line Pro is the “warm” function, which ensures that the bread remains warm for up to three minutes after the end of roasting, avoiding the existential crisis that involves the consumption of toast cold. The Line Pro also has the ability to toast frozen products, as well as bagels, which means that a whole world of carbohydrates toast is at your fingertips. With seven settings of toasting to choose from, you are guaranteed that there is an option for each member of your household.


With timer toast

mejores tostadoras

Like the ProLine, the Cuisinart Touch to Toast also comes with seven settings for toast, and has slots that automatically adjust to the thickness of your pan and ensure roasting evenly. The most striking feature of Cuisinart is the LCD screen mounted in the front. Using a bar format decreasing, the display indicates the time remaining for that are in your point.

Even with these improvements in design-to-test faults, human beings can still forget about your toast once you have come out of the toaster. Fortunately, the option of reheating allows you to relive your toast cold and forgotten without browned more. Designed to minimize the heat in the areas without cutting the bagels, with the model Cuisinart Touch-to-Toast you can say “goodbye” to the sesame seeds burnt in your muffins.


Warm up your buns

mejores tostadoras

Although the toaster Krups Control Line only has six settings of toasting, the heater rolls, removable, mounted in the upper part, more than offsets the seventh adjustment absent. The lift function extra high means that even the breads that are harder to reach can be removed easily without getting burned fingers. The indicators are LED and the stainless steel exterior adds to the modern aesthetic of the toaster, while the retainer removable crumb makes cleaning a child’s play.


See with clarity

mejores tostadoras

The display window built in to the toaster Dash Clear View allows you to keep a careful eye on your tasty toast. If it turns out that the toaster has done everything I expected of it but you forget your toasted and cooled, the option of reheating can be very useful. The Dash Clear View incorporates seven settings of toasting slots extra-long to accommodate breads with various thicknesses and lengths, and an automatic shutoff feature designed to give you a little more peace of mind. Dash Clear View even comes with access to a list of recipes of the company.


Perfect for lovers of the bagel

mejores tostadoras

To be a toaster so affordable, there’s a lot that we like this stylish model from Hamilton Beach. Has those slots are extra wide that can toast easily breads and bagels thicker without any problems, including guides which prevent the slices thinner combination to overturn.

The control interface is basic and has three main modes: defrost, toast and bagel. Defrost breads and bagels , frozen, and then toast your slices to perfection. The settings for bagel and even toast the cut side and warms the side curved, so that you get that bagel perfect in the style of a shop of bagels. All in all this toaster is useful, and it is difficult to find a better price. What is it that you can’t love about this toaster?


Elegant and smart

mejores tostadoras

The elegant model Smeg 2-Slice decorará in any kitchen with its exterior chrome retro-inspired. But in addition to be a toaster that you can boast of, the Smeg also has high-quality features for a high performance of roasting, including slots extra wide, a tray removable crumb and a function pop-up automatically to help prevent the bread from burning. The modes include reheat, defrost and bagel, with six options of el dorado for the control of toast. We also like the little non-slip pads that help prevent slipping. However, a large part of the price focuses on the amazing design, so don’t feel bad if you want less aesthetic and more saving of money.


With audible alarm

mejores tostadoras

The toaster Die-Cast, Breville incorporates a very useful function: once your toast is ready, an alarm sounds so that you and everyone at home know that it’s officially breakfast time. You can adjust the audible alarm to sound high or low, and mute it if it seems a little excessive.

The extra design features include an LED indicator of roasting, auto hoist that climbs, descends and focuses the slice and an outer metal casting that stays cool to the touch so you don’t burn it. The function Lift-and-Look (Lift and Look) it also allows you to take a look at the progression of the toast without interrupting the cycle. It is a bit bulky due to its length of 15 inches, but the cover that hides the cable makes it comfortable and easy to store.

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