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Differences between the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Fold 2

Some are surprised that Samsung would give space —in your event Unpacked 2020— those who have had the opportunity to review critically the first Galaxy Fold. The company said that they had heard the criticisms and that now answered with the Galaxy Fold 2, which does not have all of their details. Any way, it is already possible to speak of some gravitantes differences between the models Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Fold 2.

Galaxy Z Fold2


The Galaxy Fold 2 continues with the design that we saw in the first generation of the series, that is to say, it opens and folds as if it were a book or a magazine, unlike those smartphones that have adopted the format type “clam”, as the Motorola Razr folding or the same Galaxy Z Flip.

However, the big news in the hybrid between tablet and phone is that you can hang it as if it were a laptop: the back of the computer that does not have a display you could put it on a base, while the other end could be opened to 90 degrees, for example, to watch videos without having to hold it.

Galaxy Fold 2 colocado sobre una superficie

Samsung also managed to make a folding thinner, because when it is open, has a thickness of 6 millimeters (the Galaxy Fold is 7.6 millimeters), in addition to that improved the hinge, precisely so that it can be used in more modes.


The screen on the new Galaxy Fold 2 presents a substantial shift with respect to the first generation, not only in what it has to do with the size, but also with respect to its technology.

While —when open— the Infinity Flex Display of the Galaxy Fold is 7.3 inches and with a resolution QXGA+ (2,152 x 1,536 pixels), the Dynamic AMOLED 2X of the new phone, manufactured with glass, ultra-thin (UTG) and flexible, reaches 7.6 inches and comes with resolution Full HD+ (2,208 x 1,768 pixels), plus it has a refresh rate of 120 Hz, feature that comes up when you navigate the interface of the cell or display content of action, for example.

The external display that activates when you close the phone, it has a size of 4.6 inches and resolution HD+ in the previous version; while that of the Galaxy Fold 2 is 6.2 inches.

Galaxy Fold 2 con la pantalla completamente desplegada

Both the external panel and internal, in the mobile submitted this 5th of August, they look more clean, in addition of which extend from end to end because the borden are very thin (especially on the larger screen). Also, the fact that Samsung has decided to put the front-facing cameras into a hole in the screens, as it has done in its other units, it also helps to have screens more protagónicas in the Galaxy Fold 2.


As already mentioned, on the screens of Infinity-Or of the Galaxy Fold 2 are the front-facing cameras, which are 10 megapixel camera, so that there is not much difference than the Galaxy Fold. What is that this cell incorporates a pair of lenses in the display of larger dimensions, in a sort of tab that doesn’t look integrated to the design.

With respect to the optical back of the second generation of the folding, is composed of a main sensor, 12-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization, ultra wide-angle 12-megapixel camera and telephoto 12 megapixel camera. The Galaxy Fold also has three cameras, only the ultra gan-angle lens is a 16 megapixel camera.

Óptica principal del Galaxy Fold 2


Obviously, Samsung put the best processing for your Galaxy Fold 2. As well, it includes a Snapdragon 865 Plus and RAM memory of 12 GB, so that in addition to offering an optimal response in all types of applications, the phone is compatible with the network 5G. With respect to the storage is 256 GB, enough to save the images and other content that is generated with the unit.

The Galaxy Fold comes from the factory with the Snapdragon 855, RAM memory of 12 GB and a storage of 512 GB.


Detalle de la óptica del Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung will give more details of the price of the Galaxy Fold 2 when you start September 2020, what is certain is that this is expected to be close to that of the first generation of the phone, that is to say, about $2,000 dollars.

Being a segment of cell is relatively new and in evolution, the final cost probably will not be accessible. You have to do is wait to what you post Samsung soon.

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