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Diary of a confinement: the fight against the coronavirus

Haz los cinco, la guía de Google para evitar el contagio

7 in the morning. Alexa wakes us up with his melody, but we know that will not be a normal day, in fact, already nothing will be the same. It is the first day after having decreed the government of Spain, the State of Alarm, an almost unprecedented decision that limits the exits of house and movements, are a few causes that justify the departure from the home and we are confined.

I lifted the blinds and the sun is radiant, something not usual in San Sebastian, a city more accustomed to rain and clouds, and yet you see almost nobody on the street. One of the assumptions is allowed to walk your dog, a discomfort that was converted in to a luxury given the circumstances but without abuse: it has been fined on a person to wander excessively to your dog, that is the level of control.

My faithful companion and I went out to the street. There is not a soul. I meet with a person that goes with the bread (another of the exceptions); we look at each other furtively and timidly we dissociate ourselves hereby to be encountered, is the fear of contagion, the fear that now we are going to serve to defeat this damn virus. I come to a large square that is usually packed and I see two police cars on the sidewalk and with agents watching. I’m going with the dog, no problem. I move forward a few metres and I see a blonde girl with pigtails from behind; he turns and I startle to discover that wears a bullet-proof vest and gun regulation. I look at inquisitor, but relaxes to discover my dog, passport unexpected for leisure. I can continue, but I understand that I am an obstacle to the authorities and do not want to clutter: hit the step and return to the confinement.


The routine within the four walls unfolds with a surprising and curious ease: from the Ministry of Health advance which will then be worse -it is understood that at the beginning this is the novelty – then the monotony and the confinement pass your bill. At home each one continues with its routine and those who we were working for our account from years ago, nor do we notice a big difference except that we are now accompanied 24 hours a day. The education systems in Spain have embraced and now the online platforms available for making homework and even classes by video conference, and the subject works. Yes, schedules are maintained to avoid staying up late, and above all, sunrise to noon.

A few days have passed and still we cannot say that we are boring per se, but in the adaptation phase. Go to the grocery store has become an experience rather harrowing, and not for the lack of supply (the supply is more than guaranteed), but by the very harsh security measures. It must be one-to-one, logically, to respect the 1.5 meters of distance, and enter one-to-one; you can assume that it is normal to find queues at the door of these establishments, but no problems of any kind. A heroic resignation and a strong sense of resilience to emerge now in the middle of a great sense of community.

Free data-and tele work

Hombre trabajando en una portatil con Slack

The highest point of such solidarity comes, to daily, to 8 o’clock in the afternoon, when all the country, without the need of more call, goes to the window and melted into a round of applause from the support to the medical staff who is slugging it out and in the first line by getting rid of this virus and save lives. In the daily routine, companies that can afford for their activity, have opted to send their employees home and using platforms like Slack, Zoom and even Skype or WhatsApp, to keep the activity. Others, unfortunately, will be forced to lower the blinds, leaving thousands of workers around the world at home.

The main operators in Spain have shown solidarity and have given bond data (up to 60GB 4G) to their subscribers, knowing that the networks may saturate, and unfortunately, the latter has been passed forcing to issue a joint press release urging to make a reasonable use of the network and to choose, where possible, by the landline for calls and data. And that everyone is clear is that this is no joke. Police vehicles roam the cities with a megaphone reminding that everyone must stay in their house, and even agents in plain clothes ask for the documentation and ask for the job of passers-by.

Beaches and forests are closed, citizens resigned and a stamp of apocalyptic in the cities, living in first person the script of a science fiction movie. The owners of the press are also apocalyptic, and there is no way to flee the count of infected and deaths, victims of the COVID19. But this crisis is demonstrating the strength of the human being, united in misfortune, and convinced of the final victory (amass incomprehensibly toilet paper) and with the atmosphere of the cities free of pollution. Those who still are not confined, they are to prepare with enthusiasm for the running of the bulls, and we are convinced that, from home, we will win us this battle.

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