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You wouldn’t go walking down the street with a lot of money and your identification in hand, shouting voices, your passwords and personal identification numbers. So, why would you do that online? Unfortunately, that is precisely what many do when they browse the network, often without realizing it. Although not even in dreams will reveal your personal information to strangers, the lack of cyber security causes for you to do this simply by doing things online. With nearly 60 million americans affected by identity theft only in 2017, it is important to have security on the internet.

However, sometimes one does not know how to stay safe. That’s why Dashlane is the perfect solution for everyone, regardless of their technical skills. It is a tool of subscription software that facilitates the management of everything related to your online presence, from the management of passwords until, even, to detect when an account is in danger, keeping you safe from threats. For the readers of Digital Trends in Spanish, we have an exclusive coupon with the 25 percent discount; here we explain in detail why you should take advantage of this offer and all you need to know.

How to configure Dashlane

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Many security software packages include a lot, to the point that using them can be intimidating. The configuration can be a slow experience and stressful and you may feel overwhelmed at the start. Dashlane is different. Subscribe to and install it takes seconds, then it will guide you through everything you need to know. In addition, it works with any operating system, including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, so that their safety functions will always accompany you.

The first screen you see is a home page simple that I will suggest to configure the automatic filling, your browser and your phone. Once that is ready you will be able to continue, adding new passwords, identifications, details of credit cards, etc.

It is the type of registration process which dominates any person using a PC, so Dashlane is ideal for all ages. There is No risk of getting frustrated.

Features of Dashlane

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Although in the first instance, Dashlane seems to be a tool of managing passwords, it does much more than that, what makes it far superior to the solutions that incorporate the browsers to save your passwords. Here we will explain to you the best functions that it has.

Management of passwords: Dashlane has extensive functions for the management of passwords. You can even change passwords in group easily to many popular sites different, saving you the trouble of doing it yourself.

Dashlane also checks that the passwords you choose are good, alerting you when a password is some risk and sugiriéndote you to choose more secure options.

Identity protection: do you Want that your PC or Mac to store safely the data of your credit card? Dashlane makes it so much better than any plugin standard for your browser, making that save credit card information (including security code) is simple but secure. You can also use it to store identifications such as your driver license or your passport, and will inform you when you have six months to expire.

Monitoring of identity: the dark web sounds creepy, and with good reason. Your information may be stolen and sold there to the highest bidder. Dashlane will advise you if this occurs. Simply enter an email address and the service will tell you if any data associated with it has been linked and from where. It is an ideal method to warn you of trouble and potential before they actually become a problem. There are other services for protection against identity theft, but they are usually much more expensive than Dashlane.

Features for business: have you ever had to keep a note sensitive and very private in your system? Dashlane has a Secure Notes with which you can easily save information encrypted so that after that only you can see the file. You also have an option to store digital copies of your receipts, very useful thing if you need to claim expenses often.

VPN built-in: a virtual private network (VPN) is a fantastic way to keep your privacy when you’re online. With this, it seems that you are surfing from a totally different location to the real, to thwart hackers who might try to access your data. This is particularly useful as an additional security measure when you connect to a public wi-fi. Dashlane Premium account with a VPN built in so you don’t have to pay for an additional service.

Is it worth it to use Dashlane Free?

Dashlane is available as a free service and as a premium service. Obviously, the best functions come with Dashlane Premium, although to start with Dashlante Free might find useful. You can still store up to 50 passwords and enjoy auto-completion of forms and payments. You’ll also have alerts of custom security. However, this is for a single device; you will not be able to use it at the same time on your phone and your PC, for example.

Another detail is that you will end up the 50 passwords fast. That amount is not very high when using the internet. The support of a VPN and monitoring of the dark web also make Dashlane Premium is a much better option.

Dashlane Premium normally costs $40 dollars a year, but if you use the code DigitalTrends25 you could enjoy it for only $30 dollars. In exchange for greater peace of mind, and an experience much more safe on-line, this is a bargain. Only a VPN of quality usually cost more than that, if you take into account the monitoring of the dark web and the protection against identity theft.

Can I trust in Dashlane?

Once you’ve used your master password, Dashlane stores and decrypts your information locally, so that not even Dashlane has access to your data. That makes it much more secure than not using it. Just make sure your master password is very secure and no one else knows.

Dashlane is used by more than 11 million users around the world, and has been endorsed by media such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, in addition to our.

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