CONMEBOL Libertadores will come to the video game FIFA 20, free

fifa 20 libertadores
The video game FIFA 20 brought a new level of authenticity thanks to a system called Football Intelligence. The players move in a world in which time, space and position are taken into account, providing greater realism and better control. The experience of the game, from the physical point of view, it is more similar to reality than ever before.

And now, EA Sports announced that the most famous tournament in South america, CONMEBOL Libertadores, will FIFA 20, free in an update to the game that will be in march 2020. That means that, for the first time, fans will be able to compete with clubs from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Peru and Ecuador.

EA Sports also announced the creation of eLibertadores, a new competitive tournament that offers players based in South America a completely new way to connect with CONMEBOL Libertadores and EA Sports FIFA 20 Global Series.

The grand final of the tournament eLibertadores will see the top eight competitors of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One compete between the 7 and 8 march 2020, for the opportunity to win points of the Global Series of FIFA with a prize for $100,000. More information on the tournament and the foundation for sign up will be available in December.

The company states that the incorporation of CONMEBOL Libertadores highlights the position of FIFA 20 as game sports more authentic, with more than 30 official languages, 700 teams, 17,000 players authentic and 90 stadia licensed all over the world that are already present in the game.

The lovers of video games and football were getting into the last third of the year a new title in the franchise FIFA, which in addition to several improvements came with a game system totally new and realistic named Volta, based on the football authentic that people play in the streets.

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