Computers Acer Swift 7 vs. MacBook Air, faced

Acer Swift 7 vs. MacBook Air

Once in a while, throws a laptop-style notebook that aims to achieve a singular purpose. For Swift 7 Acer, that purpose is to be the laptop is the thinnest in the world, and -of course – is very thin. In terms of portability, that is certainly a great advantage.

Of course, the Swift 7 is not the only one in this field, as it has faced a lot of similar alternatives that are running multiple operating systems, such as the recent MacBook Air, which returned to the 2018 for fans of MacOS. So, we decided to put them side to side to see if the thinness of the Swift 7 is enough to get a win, or if Apple will stay with the crown. This is our comparison of Acer Swift 7 vs. MacBook Air.


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To hold the Swift 7 in hand is an experience that feels futuristic: the laptop seems incredibly thin to contain the components of a real computer. With 0.35 inch, the Swift 7, Acer nearly rivals the iPhone X in thickness. The option new from Apple, the MacBook Air, it seems quite bulky in comparison, with 60 0.61-inch in the rear.

And, however, both weigh about the same: 2.6 pounds for the Swift 7 and 2.75 pounds for the MacBook Air. This is because both are constructed of aluminum and is very solid, and the Swift 7 features a 14-inch screen in comparison with the panel of 13.3-inch MacBook Air. Both resist if they are flexed or bent slightly, and both exude a distinctive impression of quality. The two laptops are also limited to only USB ports-C, although the version Apple includes support Thunderbolt 3.

Another area where they differ is in their aesthetics. Acer opted for a color scheme of black obsidian that helps the Swift 7 almost disappears when holding it on the edge, with elegant frames that add a unique visual touch. The MacBook Air, on the other hand, offers three colors (gold, silver and gray space) and a look that keeps the form of the previous version, but is fully in line with the elegant design and simplistic line of Apple.

Finally, consider your options of ports and inputs. The Swift 7, despite being incredibly thin, manages to incorporate a traditional keyboard with plenty of space and a feeling agile, but has a design non-standard that is difficult to learn. This is to compare it with the keyboard butterfly the third generation of the MacBook Air, which people tend to love or hate. The biggest bet of Acer with Swift 7 is your choice of a touch panel that is a solid piece with no buttons clickpad which you can press, and it is certain that neither of us liked it much. The touchpad of the MacBook Air also prevents the physical buttons, but its engine feedback haptic Force Touch makes it feel like a more traditional option.

In their design,the Swift 7 achieves its goal of being incredibly thin, and is as well built as the MacBook Air. But the decision of Acer to forego any type of clickpad, real or imitated, gives a victory to the MacBook Air.


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Riley Young/Digital Trends

Both the Swift 7 as the MacBook Air is based on the CPU series And the Intel dual core processors that are intended to provide a performance good enough for productivity tasks while they consume energy, reduce the heat and save the battery life. Only Acer was limited to the Core i7-7Y75 of seventh generation when it introduced the Swift 7, while Apple was using a special version of the eighth generation, the Core i5-8210Y.

The result is that the Swift 7 is significantly behind the MacBook Air in performance. And if we incorporate a solid-state drive (SSD) PCI much faster in the MacBook Air, the laptop of Acer, although it is thin as a razor, can’t keep up.

None of these laptops is exceptional for its speed, but the MacBook Air will remain better with the productivity tasks a little more demanding.


acer swift 7 vs macbook air

The Swift 7 uses a display Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) of 14 inches that is not as crisp as the panel of 2,560 x 1,600 13.3-inch MacBook Air. However, Apple has declined in quality of screen in this version, and while the screen of the MacBook Air offers a wider color range with better accuracy, the Swift-7 delivers a brightness and contrast significantly better. It is close to a tie, with a slight advantage of Acer.


acer swift 7 vs macbook air thin In terms of size, the Swift 7 will slide into almost any slot in your purse or backpack, but will take up much space and weigh almost as much as the MacBook Air.

When it comes to the other important measure of portability (how long they can last with a single charge of the battery), the MacBook Air is to the head. The Swift 7 ran our demanding test bench Basemark for 15 minutes more than the MacBook Air, but lost in the web browsing for almost two hours and the video playback for about half an hour.

None of these laptops are thin are heavy and either earn no record of life of the battery. But it is more likely that the MacBook Air will help you to spend a full work day without plugging in, so that wins this round.


Macbook Air (2018) Review
You will have to pay a premium price for pack as much computing power into a chassis so thin. The Swift-7 costs $1,700 dollars for the model with Core i7, 8GB of RAM and an SSD of 256GB. That is very expensive for the setting.

The MacBook Air is slightly cheaper, and you can find it from $999 with a Core i5, 8GB of RAM and a SSD of 128GB. The price goes up to $1,399 for a Core i7, 8GB of RAM and an SSD of 256GB.

Our Opinion
In conclusion, the Swift 7, Acer has only succeed in its aim to be the laptop is the thinnest in the world. But compared side by side, the MacBook Air is better by almost any other measure.

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