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Comes the turn of Google: how to enable dark mode in Gmail and Google Maps

The dark mode is still gaining ground in the applications of iOS and Android. And Google doesn’t want to stay down this train, so we incorporated this functionality to its two main applications: Gmail and Google Maps. If you want to take advantage of the benefits of these features, we’ll explain how to enable dark mode in Gmail and Google Maps in a few simple steps.

Dark mode in Gmail

With Android

To enjoy the dark mode in Gmail, all you have to do is to upgrade your device to the latest version of Android 10 and enable that mode on your phone, or there’s another method possible:

Open your Gmail app, go to the Menu and then enter Settings. Then you’re looking for General Settings , and Themes.

With iOS

The dark mode of Gmail is also available for the iPhone that are updated to iOS 11, or later versions, such as iOS 13.

Dark mode in Google Maps

activar el modo oscuro en Gmail y Google Maps
Instagram @Android

As with other applications, such as Instagram, to enable the dark mode in Google Maps, only you need to upgrade your smartphone to the latest Android version (from Settings or through the Google Play Store) or iOS.

Once you have performed this process, this mode must appear reflected in the apps on your phone that are compatible with the same, including now also Google Maps.

The update to enable the dark mode in this application goes a step beyond the night mode. And it is this function allows you to darken your screen to save power and reduce eye fatigue that causes the screens, each day has been adding more and more popular, such as Gmail and Instagram.

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Incognito mode in Google Maps

Google began to talk about the incognito mode of Google Maps in may of 2019. But beyond some leaks on testing with a small group of users, we have had major developments in this regard. However, in October of 2019, an update on the help pages of Google revealed that this function began to be implemented, initially for Android users, but currently it is also available for those who use iPhone or iPad.

The feature of Google Maps offers an alternative privacy of quick access, which prevents your account from Google to store your location data.

Prior to the implementation of this function, the only alternative you had was to delete the location data, either manually or by configuring the application to remove them every certain period. However, the incognito mode will allow everything to be much easier and faster.

All in all, Google warned that even if you have incognito mode enabled, other applications or services can keep tracking your location. “Activate incognito mode in Maps does not affect the way in which the Internet service providers, other applications, voice search and other Google services using your activity”, says in its help page.

*Article updated December 19, 2019 by Rodrigo Orellana.

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