Civilization VI is free in the Epic Games Store

The game Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is available free of charge through the Epic Games Store, so from this Thursday, may 21, the users will be able to claim a copy of the video game.

According to collected the site The Verge, the offer will be available until the 28th of may, thanks to an agreement between the developers of the game and Epic Games.

Civilization VI is the latest release of a long series of strategy games created by Faraxis Games in 1991. This new offer is only a week after the shop of video games enable of free Grand Theft Auto V.

This version of the strategy game was released in the year 2016, but until today, he continues to receive updates by the developers.

Civilization VI está gratis en la Epic Games Store desde hoy

It is more, at the beginning of the month of may Faraxis Games announced that it would add 8 new civilizations to the game, as part of an update pass of the season.

On the other hand, currently this title is available for various platforms, including Play Station 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows, iOS, Mac OS and GNU/Linux.

Epic Games Store comes from the year 2019 handing out free games from time to time. However, the last two deliveries for free download offered by the app store was surprised by the level of games offered.

A filtration has been pointed out that these would not be the last games that the store would be thinking of offering free, as in time we may see to download titles such as Borderlans: The Handsome Collection (from 28 may to 4 June), and Ark: Survival Evolved, which will be distributed the week of 4 to 11 June.

You can download Civilization VI directly from the store Epic Games Store, which you can access by having an active account that allows you to download games from the platform.

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