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Chrome created a shortcut to open incognito mode directly

The incognito mode of Google Chrome allows you to browse without the others know your search history or sites you have visited. To activate, you must enter the menu and select “New window incognito”. There is also the alternative of clicking press Ctrl+Shift+N on your keyboard.

But now Google will make the process a little easier.

According to the site Techradar, Chrome will introduce a shortcut for Windows users, you can open the browser from the desktop, directly in incognito mode.

Although interesting, the new feature is not yet available.

The short cut was discovered by the blog 9to5Google on the web site Chronium Gerrit. The latter records the changes in the Google browser.

“The change adds a Chrome Flag —a switch of software that activates experimental new features — which introduces a new option in your profile Chrome. This allows you to create a shortcut on desktop that opens Chrome in incognito mode directly”, they assure in the Urban Techno.


Demand for the incognito mode

In June of 2020, Google faced a lawsuit for “intentionally misleading” to consumers through the incognito mode of the Chrome browser.

The law firm Boies Schiller & Flexner demanded that the signature offsets by $5 billion (5,000 million) of dollars for allegedly tracking the activity of its users even under the functionality that ensures anonymity.

In the opinion of the plaintiffs, the technology giant “collects data through Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager and other applications and plug-ins of web sites, including apps for smart phones, regardless of whether users click on ads”, Reuters reported.

Thanks to tracking, the company knows not only the habits of their users, but eventually agrees to “matters of most intimate and potentially embarrassing” that we are looking through the Chrome browser.

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