Challenges of Fortnite, week 9: a mission of Midas

Week 9 of the missions of Battle Royale is the penultimate week of challenges to normal in season 2 of Fortnite. With only a week ahead, the host of the missions that are missing is nothing less than the very Midas, the leader of the spies of this season. Here you can find the first part of the mission of Midas.

Escena de Fortnite, misión de Midas

Challenges of the week 9 Fortnite

  • Look for chests in six places with different names.
  • Inflicts 300 points of damage to players with sniper rifles.
  • Enhancing a weapon, to rarity legendary, in a bank of improvements.
  • Looking for a flame, a chest legendary or a delivery of supplies.
  • Inflicts 100 points of damage to a Choppa keep a pilot or passenger.
  • Collect five coins XP.
  • Load by 100 meters a teddy bear pink giant you find on Reels Engaged.
  • Look for the flame gold of Midas between a landfill, a gas station and a camp of caravans.
  • Collects 10 points of information in games of Operation: Games of spy.
  • Wins three medals in survival, combat or a scrap dealer of gold.

The 10 challenges in a week 9 are very different to what we have seen this season and are, understandably, focused on the gold. One of these tasks is particularly complicated: the players must find the flame of gold of Midas among three sites.

Tips for the challenge of the flame gold of Midas

Before you begin, take into account that this challenge is not like those of the previous weeks, in which you had to find places. Instead you’re looking for the point at which the landfill, the gas station and the camp of caravans converge. By this, technically, does not need to know where they are, if you already have the solution.

That said, those who want to find the right point will require some additional time to visit the three places, and the best way for that is to Team Rumble. In addition, a Choppa might find useful, then you need to visit the three places in the same game if you want to give with the solution.

This is a complicated ordeal, as the flame of gold is usually hidden until you are almost on the verge of bumping into her. You will need to know your exact location to find it and complete that goal. Fortunately, for that we are us.

We will review the three sites individually, if you want to solve this by yourself; subsequently we will give the solution for those who want to finish faster.

Location of the landfill

El vertedero en Fortnite

The first location is the landfill. The three places I go are just to the east of Farm Frenzy and the river, in the quadrant G4. This is the first site that you should remember to solve the riddle.

Location of the gas station

La gasolinera en Fortnite

Like the dump, the gas station is located to the east of Farm Frenzy; this is a popular place that we have visited several times this season. It is also in the quadrant G4, but to the northwest of the landfill, on the other side of the river.

Location of the camp of caravans

El campamento de caravanas en Fortnite

The third and final site is the camp of caravans. This also thou shalt find to the east of Farm Frenzy, but in quadrant G3. Is to the northeast of the gas station, the other side of the river and to the northwest of the landfill.

Location of the flame gold of Midas

La llama de oro de Midas en Fortnite

To know where are those places is not sufficient to complete this challenge; it is necessary to visit the point between the three. In this case, the camp of caravans to the north, with the petrol station and the landfill to the west and east, respectively.

This forms a triangle very clear with your central point in the quadrant G3, just above the main road that is there, but before the big bridge. Here you will find a small construction. Enter and you will see the flame of the gold of Midas on the wall. Simply interact with it and you will have completed this mission.

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