Challenges of Fortnite, week 7: Adventure of Skye

In week 7 of season 2 of Fortnite, Epic Games launched the missions of the Adventure of Skye. During two consecutive weeks, Skye will be the next to the last character in the protagonist of the challenges of Fortnite. As in the previous weeks, there is to complete 10 new assignments.

Fortnite temporada 2 semana t, Aventura de Skye

These are the 10 goals for this week:

  • Looking for seven chests in bases spies.
  • Inflicts 400 points of damage to players with submachine guns or pistols.
  • Mark an object, uncommon, rare and epic.
  • Collect 75 units of each type of material in less than 60 seconds after landing the bus battle at the beginning of a game.
  • Hide in a cardboard box in the factory boxes.
  • Consumes 10 items to look for in Alameda Distressed or the Garden.
  • Visit to the Shark, Rest Fast and Ravine Beautiful.
  • Escaping from a vault using a secret passage.
  • Visit the three camps of the coast of Skye.
  • Attracts to another player or a henchman with a gun harpoon.

Skye has goals very interesting that players must complete in week 7. One of the most important tasks is to visit a Shark, Sleep Fast and Ravine Beautiful. In this week 7, we’ll show you where to find these places on the island from Battle Royale.

Tips for the challenges of the week 7

Before moving to the location of the three places that you must visit, there are some tips that can help make things easier. First of all, you don’t have to visit the three sites on the same game. Not all are close, so it is understandable that you want to focus on one and later in another.

However, if you want to end this as quickly as possible, we recommend getting one of the vehicles Choppa that are in the map; this will save you much time and will help you to easily get to the three sites.

As always, we also suggest that you tackle this mission mode, Team Rumble, as this will give you more time, less enemies and, if necessary, the ability to revive.

Location of the challenges of the week 7

Mapa de Fortnite, temporada 2, semana 7

With the image of the map you’ll have a general idea of where are the three places. Below are detailed descriptions of where to find each one.

The Shark

El Tiburón en Fortnite

The Shark is one of the new places from season 2 and is the simplest of the three sites that you must visit this week. If you cannot find it, check the map and looking in the northwest end of the island. It is a small island with a shark form in quadrant B1.

Rest Fast

Reposo Rápido en Fortnite

Rest Quick it is much more difficult to find, because it is not marked on the map. It is located on the eastern edge of Pools Asleep, next to the river. There you will find a car at the edge of the quadrant F6 and G6.

Ravine Beautiful

Barranco Bello en Fortnite

This place is located near a Resting Fast. Head to the northwest of swimming Pools Asleep, by the river, until you reach the waterfall. Near here there is an area under the waterfall; this is Barranco Beautiful.

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