Challenges of Fortnite, week 6: destroy kennels, dog

The sixth week of missions Fortnite includes 10 new tasks that players must complete. Are treated mostly minor variants of the tasks that have come out this season, although one of them is particularly difficult. Read our guide, it destroys huts of dog and complete the challenges of this week as a champion.

Escena de Fortnite, temporada 2, semana 6

These are the 10 goals for this week:

  • Looking for 10 chests in Farm Frenzy or in Accumulations Angry.
  • Inflicts 1,000 points of damage to players using only assault rifles.
  • Open a chest within 10 seconds after landing from the bus.
  • Deals 200 points of damage to players as you ride the new vehicle Choppa.
  • Fishing a gun, a can and a fish.
  • Eliminated five players in the Yacht or in the Dominion of the Salt.
  • Destroy three stalls of the dog.
  • Block 100 points of damage with a grenade decoy.
  • Dancing at the Lake Canoe, Camp Pollock, and Rentals Rainbow.
  • Mounted turbines Accumulations Angry, use a zip-line and go by a secret passage in the same game.

As with the first few weeks of season 2, there is a task important in that you need to visit three locations that are not easy to find. In the case of the six week, the challenge is to dance in Lake, Canoe, Camp Pollock, and Rentals Rainbow.

Tips for the challenge of dance

Before you jump to the three locations where you have to dance, there are some tips that you should take into account. As always, this mission is much easier to meet mode Team Rumble; and you will have the greatest possible time to find the three places and dance in them.

One of the most important things here is that you must dance at the three sites. It is not enough to just visit them or landing on them, as on similar missions of season 2, so don’t forget to prepare your dance or emote favorite from before. Take into account that you don’t have to do them all in a single game, so take your time if necessary.

However, if you want to end this as quickly as possible, be sure to get one of the new helicopters Choppa on the map. This will help you get to the three sites with the highest speed, since they are somewhat separated within the island Battle Royale.

Locations for dancing

Mapa de Fortnite, temporada 2, semana 6

You can find the three places in this map. Below are more details about the locations and what you have to do.

Lake Canoe

Lago Canoa en Fortnite

Lake Canoe is a small lake to the north of City Trade, in the box G5 of the map. You’ll see several canoes scattered; you just have to dance when you are there.

Camp Pollock

Acampamiento Abadejo en Fortnite

The Camp Pollock is a small town in the southeast corner of the map, south of the snowy mountains and to the southeast of the Meadows Misty. Is in table G8.

Rentals Rainbow

Alquileres Arcoíris en Fortnite

Rentals Rainbow is a series of colorful houses on the beach, to the southwest of the Hedges to be Sacred. Is in table A6.

Reward of the week 6

The reward for completing the mission dance week six is the same as for the previous weeks: you’ll get 40,000 experience points.

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