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Challenges of Fortnite, week 5: tricks of Miaúsculos

Within the context of spies constitutes the basis of the second season of Fortnite, there are five chiefs in the island; every two weeks the Battle Royale will turn around to another chief, who is also a skin that you can get. To complete most of the challenges of a particular boss you’ll have the chance to win that skin. In week 5 of our attention revolves around the antics of Miaúsculos, the secret agent.

Week 5 marks the beginning of the cycle of a new boss with the secret agent cat Miaúsculos. This spy fan favorite will give you the missions for this couple of weeks, concluding with the variant of your skin.

Challenges of week 5 of Fortnite

Fortnite semana 5, las travesuras de Miaúsculos
  • Look for three chests in the Field Calígine or Lordship of Salt.
  • Eliminated five players with assault rifles from 50 meters away or more.
  • Eat fish to get 400 points of health or shield.
  • Deals 200 points of damage to players while using the cardboard box.
  • Survives a fall from at least five floors nine times.
  • Inflicts 100 points of damage with spikes henchmen.
  • Visit Cala Coral, Hut Conglomerate and the Impact Zone in a single game, without swimming.
  • He shoots a soccer ball 100 meters.
  • Inflicts 400 points of damage to players with the minigun.
  • Visit Cala Wreck, The Yacht and Pond Pescaos.

The 10 tasks you will face this week are surprisingly difficult; really you need to strive to obtain the rewards. One of the missions more complex consists in visiting three different locations in the same game without swimming.

Tips to visit the three locations

Escena de Fortnite temporada 2

In this challenge players must visit Cala Coral, Hut Conglomerate and the Impact Zone; three locations that are on the map. The twist in this particular mission is that you need to visit the three places in a game to complete it. Also, you can’t swim in no time, or what you do will not count.

The face of a task so complicated, you’ll need some tips. First of all, we strongly recommend that, even more than usual, you do this in mode Team Rumble. You’ll have more time, less enemies and, most important, you can relive. Even if you die in your attempt to visit the three sites, you can revive and try again.

Finally, you’ll need a vehicle or lots of materials. The three sites are on islands, but remember that you can not swim. The best thing you can do is get a motorboat or a helicopter to not end up swimming by accident. You can use materials to climb up on the water if necessary, but this should be your last resort, because you will take much more time.

Locations of week 5

Mapa de Fortnite, semana 5: travesuras de Miaúsculos

The three locations that you must visit are listed on the map. We recommend you to visit them in the following order, as it is a natural progression that you will not need to backtrack or waste time.

The Impact zone

Zona del Impacto en Fortnite

The Impact zone is located on the big island that is west of Park, Pleasant and to the north of the Burning Sands, in the section C2 of the map. Here you will find a large area where a plane struck.

Cala Coral

Cala Coral en Fortnite

Cala Coral is the Second destination that you should direct after the Impact Zone. It is on an island northwest of Burning Sands and the southwestern part of the Shark. It is the island that is in the box A2, just to the west of the previous one.

Hut Conglomerate

Cabaña Conglomerada en Fortnite

Hut Conglomerate is on an island slightly northwest of Hedges Sacred. Is in table A4, and is the latest of a series of small islands. There you will find the cabin in ruins.

Rewards of the challenges of week 5

At the completion of this mission you will receive 40,000 experience points.

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