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CES 2021: LG invites you to design the kitchen of your dreams

For some time now, a decorative trend has been imposed in the kitchen: that electrical appliances go as unnoticed as possible, as if they were just another piece of furniture. Thus, the refrigerator, the washing machine and other appliances are camouflaged without breaking the aesthetics of your home. This also allows you to customize the style to the taste of each user.

In this context, the South Korean manufacturer LG makes it very easy for users: during the CES 2021 fair, which officially begins on January 11, it will offer anyone who wants the possibility of designing this space with an online tool called Furniture Concept Appliances. This software makes it easy to integrate your new range of home appliances (including InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, water purifiers, LG WashTower and LG Styler) with furniture of different materials and colors.

“Furniture Concept Appliances premium finishes feature high-quality materials such as stainless steel, glass, metal and FENIX, a totally innovative material with a technologically advanced surface designed by the Italian Arpa Industriale. FENIX is opaque, resistant to fingerprints and pleasant to the touch, and offers excellent durability with an aesthetic that is both modern and elegant, ”explains LG.

kitchen with LG appliances

This interactive tool will be accessible from the company's online stand at CES 2021. In this virtual exhibition, LG will show its new refrigerators from the InstaView Door-in-Door series – awarded in the Best of Innovation at CES 2021 – with UVnano technology to eliminate bacteria (the same as the LG Tone Free headphones ), voice control and the (magic) glass that lights up with two touches to see everything you have inside without having to open it, among other features.

The company also brings to CES 2021 its innovative transparent screens reminiscent of those from the Minority Report movie, as well as its most advanced televisions, the first with QNED Mini LED technology , both 4K and 8K models.

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