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CES 2020: Colgate breaks the canon with toothbrush smart

With technology that gives you information about your oral health in real time and the technique with which you clean your teeth, Colgate announced at the technology fair CES 2020 the launch of your electric toothbrush smart Plaqless Pro.

Cepillo dental Plaqless de Colgate

The instrument of oral hygiene will be equipped with optical sensors that are able to detect in real time the accumulation of bacterial biofilms —as you know the millions of microorganisms that may be in your mouth— so they can be removed while you brush your teeth.

“(The device) improves the effectiveness of the brushing to take into account the technique of brushing of an individual and the accumulation of biofilms in the mouth. Lets you see when it is necessary to brush more in an area or when it has eliminated the accumulation of biofilm,” explained the director dental of Colgate, Maria Ryan.

Using a system of lights, the instrument will alert you when it is necessary to concentrate the brushing in a particular area. “Using a ring of light around the toothbrush, the user will see a blue light when it encounters a accumulation, and then the white light will appear to indicate to the user that progress”, he added.

Scanner oral

The device is compatible with the application Colgate Connect (available for iOS and Android), that allows you to create a complete map of your mouth. After each brushing, you can check the app to see exactly what teeth are cleaned more rigorously, where it is concentrated the process and if there are areas that are left with waste.

The application delivers instant information about the process of brushing, custom data, advice and tips for oral care.

The electric toothbrush, which won the award for the Best Innovation for Health and Beauty at CES, will go on sale in the course of 2020, according to he company.

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