Capcom Announces Release Date for Resident Evil Village

Tastes aside, it is undeniable that Capcom has done an interesting job at least in giving new air to the Resident Evil series , and proof of this is the new Resident Evil Village trailer, in which by the way it is announced that the game will debut the next May 7th.

The trailer confirms that Resident Evil Village has a direct relationship with the plot of Resident Evil 7 , precisely the game with which Capcom gave a twist to the series starting with the change to first-person gameplay , which will be repeated in the new game. Ethan Winters, that desperate man who was imprisoned by a family full of madness and evil in Resident Evil 7 , returns in the Village .

Fans of the series, who have played the games since their inception, may feel an air of nostalgia with what will presumably be the game's main setting, a castle that for a moment reminds us of the mansion in which the events unfold. of the original Resident Evil , and that we saw in all its splendor in that reissue for GameCube that, later, would be adapted by Capcom to a myriad of platforms.

And for gamers who can't wait, Capcom released an exclusive demo for PlayStation 5. If you don't have Sony's latest console, you'll have to wait until spring, when Capcom releases a demo for all platforms.

Capcom confirmed that the game will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S, although it will also arrive on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, due to the millions of players who have not yet made the leap to the new generation. What is still unknown is whether the PS4 version will be compatible with the PlayStation VR virtual reality viewer, of which everything indicates will remain as a peripheral from the last generation, since Sony is already working on a viewer for the PlayStation 5 .

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