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Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 in Spain: the best deals

In hispanic families, we give gifts for Christmas or Kings up to the dog and the cat. For this reason, and with the idea that the pocket of many has limits, it’s worth a peek to see the discounts prepared by the large companies in the face to Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Spain. It is not to save a few euros or take advantage of the offers to keep your budget.

Black Friday started early this year with discounts on Amazon uk and other stores. Although the official day is on the 29th of November, the discounts are extended until Cyber Monday, December 2.

So, here are the best deals that you can find in these weeks in Spain. You can also read our guide to discounts in the united States, so that you can save.

The best discounts on computer

If your laptop is already on its last sighs, there is not a better time to find the laptop or desktop computer that you will use it in the next few years for work or for entertainment.

Best discounts in mobile phone

If there is something that we would all love is to change phones. It is, in the end, the device you use the most in our day-to-day to do everything. You can get a new one in these days of discounts, or, supplement your “best friend” with a carrying case or accessory.

Best discounts on home appliances

Do you need a new blender, microwave or washing machine? Black Friday is the best time to buy these (usually) expensive equipment needed for the home, for a lower cost.

Best discounts for the smart home

Take advantage of the technology to make it do the work for you. Whether it’s a robot vacuum or a speaker smartphone, the discounts on the category abound, and even Amazon makes sales of their line Echo.

Best discounts on audio

Get the headphones with which you listen to your favorite music while you’re on your way to work or the sound bar that you need for years to see your series more immersive.

The best discounts on video games

We all have a gamer in our lives, whether a child or a teenager to enjoy Fortnite, or a player who has a whole arsenal to enjoy the best experience of gaming with sophisticated devices.

The best discounts in technology wearable

A smart watch or a wristband to monitor your fitness activities are becoming more and more necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Take the opportunity to buy one and take care of your health.

Best discounts on cameras

For those who are seeking to obtain photographs or videos of the action without the complications, you should not miss the best deals in all types of cameras.

To take into account

Too good to be true

If suddenly you find yourself with “discounted prices ” irresistible” in the products that interest you, don’t get carried away by the excitement. First, check that indeed it is a good discount, when you compare the price that the article has had throughout the year with which it has been assigned in Black Friday and later on Cyber Monday.

Don’t spend your budget

Yes, the end of the year is touted as a season for showing affection, and giving gifts to loved ones, what is certain is that you must have a budget established before you make your purchases. You would not want to start 2020 with debts that you acquired in seasons of discounts, 2019, or yes?

Do what you need?

There are various products that are purchased, but after using them for a few days, are left in oblivion. Consider if you will really be in that console, action camera or speaker smartphone that has called your attention for a long time, since in the long term, rather than represent a benefit, it may affect your personal finances.

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