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Bill Gates: I’m not going to insert any microchip mind control 5G

Quite bored of the topic of conspiracies , Bill Gates, as the founder of Microsoft has been accused of taking advantage of the pandemic coronavirus, for a plan of world domination through the implantation of microchips.

And emphatically, and perhaps more graphic than in other opportunities, the multi-millionaire had to leave to dispel in an interview with CBS News on the topic.

In an interview with Norah O’donnell and in addition to criticize with hardness to the united States, took advantage of answer the million dollar question.

The interviewer said that the conspiracies related to Gates have been qualified as “the falsehoods of coronavirus more prevalent that they exist”, and then asked the father of Windows: “Do you Want a vaccine to be able to implant microchips in people?”

“No. There is no connection between these vaccines and any kind of follow-up, at all. I don’t know where that came from,” he replied.

This then gave way for Bill Gates to come out to explain to the press and they themselves must make better efforts to explain to the people the truths and dismiss the myths around vaccines.

“We need to explain our values, so that people understand why we are involved in this work and why we are willing to put hundreds or thousands of millions to speed up the progress. It is not clear to me, but I hope that it will disappear as people learn the facts”.

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Surely these explanations do not suffice for the conspiranoicos and devoted themselves to the theories “reptilianas”, keep thinking of Bill Gates as a kind of “antichrist” of the technology.

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