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Bike Z4 vs. Google Pixel 3a XL: dispute of two phones are mid-range

You only have $500 to spend and you’re looking for the best Android smartphone you can get. If so, we suggest you to look between the Bike Z4 vs. Google Pixel 3a XL. What you should buy? We review the characteristics of each, how they differ, their benefits and where they fail, to choose the most suitable for you.


Bike Z4 Google Pixel 3a XL
Size 158 × 75 × 7.35 mm (6.22 × 2.95 × 0.29 inches) 160.1 × 76.1 × 8.2 mm (6.3 × 3.0 × 0.3-inch)
Weight 165 grams (5.82 ounces) 167 grams (5.89 ounces)
Screen 6.39-inch OLED 6.0-inch OLED
Resolution 2340 x 1080 pixels (403 ppi) 2160 × 1080 pixels (402 ppi)
Operating system Android 9.0 Foot Android 9.0 Foot
Storage 128GB
Micro SD If Not
Payment system Google Pay Google Pay
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 Qualcomm Snapdragon 670
Camera 48-megapixel rear, 25MP front 12.2 MP rear, 8MP front
Video 2160p at 30 fps 2160p at 30fps, 1080p at 120fps, 720p at 240 fps
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0
Ports 3.5 mm headset, USB-C 3.5 mm headset, USB-C
Finger Sensor If (on the screen) If (back)
Water resistant Coating splash-proof Not
Battery 3,600 mAh

15W TurboPower

3,700 mAh

18W fast charging

Shop Google Play Store Google Play Store
Operators T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint
Colors Flash Grey, Frost White Just Black Clearly White, Purple-ish
Price $500 $479 dollars
Available in Motorola Google, T-Mobile

Performance, battery life and charging

Moto Z4 vs. Google Pixel 3a XL
We review the performance and battery of the Moto Z4 vs. Google Pixel 3a XL.

With the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 more recently, the Moto Z4 has an advantage in terms of performance. The Pixel 3a XL has the Snapdragon 670, which is not as fast, although it is not a big difference. In addition, the software Google improve its performance. Both have 4GB of RAM, that will be enough for adequate performance.

With a battery of 3,700 mAh, and the charging cable to the 18W, the Pixel 3a XL has a higher performance. Google improved the battery life on the series 3a with respect to the Pixel 3 and 3 XL original, so it may be that the 3a XL should last comfortably for a day. With a screen a little larger and a smaller battery, the Bike Z4 may have difficulties to achieve the same performance, although it is compatible with Moto Mods, so you can buy an extra battery of 3,490 mAh for $80 dollars.

Winner: tie

Design and durability

The Pixel 3a XL has a design old-fashioned that combines a plastic body with a fingerprint sensor on the back and a standard screen with large bezels on the front. The Bike Z4 has a larger screen in a smaller body and uses a notch tear to the front camera. It also has a fingerprint sensor on the screen. On the back has a sensor, a module camera round and pins the pogo to connect to the Bike Mods. We are not interested in the look of the Bike Z4 without a Mod, although these added a considerable volume. Looks better than the Pixel from the front, although we had problems with the fingerprint sensor on the screen.

No one has an IP rating, but the Bike Z4 has a coating P2i which makes it splash resistant. On the other hand, the plastic body of the Pixel 3a XL is probably a bit more durable than the glass of the Z4.

Winner: tie


moto z4 vs google pixel 3a xl hands on 4 720x720
The screen of the Moto Z4 vs. Google Pixel 3a XL is bigger.

We like to see how the OLED screens come to phones mid-range, as they offer superior contrast and blacks beautifully deep. The Bike Z4 has a screen of 6.39 inches with a resolution of 2,340 x 1,080 pixels which translates to 403 pixels per inch, but has a notch in the shape of a teardrop carved in the top. The 6-inch screen in the Pixel 3a XL has a resolution of 2,160 x 1,080 pixels, so that it is just as sharp and without nicks. Both are bright and legible, even in the full light of day.

Winner: tie


En materia de cámara, la disputa entre Moto Z4 vs. Google Pixel 3a XL tiene un ganador claro.
In terms of camera, the dispute between Motorcycle Z4 vs. Google Pixel 3a XL has a clear winner.

Google offers the best phone with a camera with the Pixel 3. And both the Pixel 3a as 3a XL benefit from the same hardware and software. Although lacking the chip Pixel Visual Core, available the flagship of Google and have a processor that is less powerful, the only real difference is that the image processing is slower. You’ll be able to enjoy the wonderful photos in all sorts of conditions that you’ll want to share with the Pixel 3a XL. There is No better camera on any other device for this price.

In the role, the 48-megapixel of a lens of the Bike Z4 outperform the camera of 12.2 mega pixels of the Pixel 3a XL. However, the Z4 uses a combination of pixels to improve low light performance, which means that the effective output is 12 megapixel. In addition, a good camera is measured by the megapixel, and the image processing Google is much better than that of Motorola.

Camera selfie of the Pixel 3a XL has a capacity of 8 megapixel camera, while the Moto Z4 has a front camera 25 megapixel.

Winner: Pixel 3a XL

Software and updates

Aunque ambos son teléfonos Android, entre Moto Z4 vs. Google Pixel 3a XL las actualizaciones le dan la ventaja a este último.
Although both are Android phones, including Moto Z4 vs. Google Pixel 3a XL updates give the advantage to the latter.

The Bike Z4 comes with Android 9.0 Foot with a few extras, such as Moto Display and Moto Actions. Motorola has confirmed that the Z4 will get Android Q, but you may not get another update later. Fortunately, you will receive at least two years of security updates bi-monthly.

Google offers some extra tempting in the Pixel 3a XL. You can do that the Google Assistant to review your calls, the now playing will show you what music sounds in the vicinity, in addition to the new mode AR in Google Maps. Added to this is the fact that Google will update Android immediately when a new release comes out, in addition to the security patches are regular and fast. There can be only one winner here.

Winner: Pixel 3a XL

Special features

Los Moto Mods son una diferencia clave entre Moto Z4 vs. Google Pixel 3a XL.
The Bike Mods are a key difference between Moto Z4 vs. Google Pixel 3a XL.

Both phones have some camera modes and software options are interesting, but only the Moto Z4 offers Mods that you can attach to the back of your phone to add an extra battery, new capabilities of the camera, a printer, or even compatibility with 5G.

If you buy the Bike Z4 unlocked, you’ll get the Mod Bike Camera 360 included. The 5G Bike Mod is not compatible at the moment, although what will be in the future as long as you have plan on Verizon. The best Mods of Bike can be useful for some, but others feel a little cluttered. Check our listing to see if something attracts you, before you decide to buy the Z4 for this reason.

Winner: Moto Z4


The Bike Z4 will be available at Verizon starting June 13 and you can get it for $400 dollars if you get it as an upgrade through your plan. The Bike Z4 unlocked you can buy them in advance for $500 and comes with the mod Moto Camera 360. Will be sent from June 6 and will work on AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint.

Google Pixel 3a XL costs $479 dollars, and you can buy it directly from Google or through Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular. It also works on AT&T. If you like the sound of the Pixel 3a XL and don’t mind a smaller screen of 5.6 inches, then it will cost only $400 and is identical in all other aspects.

Overall winner:

If you want the best experience with the camera and the software, then the Pixel 3a XL should be your choice in this price range. Both have strengths and weaknesses in terms of performance and design, so your preference will depend on your needs. If the Bike Mods are one of them, then you could decide for the Z4. However, the special characteristics of the software of the Pixel 3a XL will be useful for many. Between both phones, whenever we would pick the Pixel.

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