Between Google Stay vs. Nvidia GeForce Now what platform do you earn?

In a comparison between Google Stay vs. Nvidia GeForce Now, what do you think will win? At the beginning of 2019, Google Stay it was filed after the technical tests initial under the name of the Project Stream. This service of streaming of video games promises to revolutionize our way of playing, eliminating the need to purchase a computer, being able to directly download the games and getting instant access to the same.

Google Stadia vs. Nvidia GeForce Now

But Stay you are not alone. In fact, it has many adversaries, and one of the main ones is GeForce Now Nvidia. Although the latter is still in beta –and the Google platform is not yet officially released– we have decided to compare what we know of Google Stay vs. Nvidia GeForce Now to venture what might be your best option.

Supported platforms

First you’ll need to know the platforms that will be compatible with every service of streaming before you choose between Google Stay vs. Nvidia GeForce Now, since there are some important differences.

Google Stay will work through the Chrome browser, and although the initial test of Project Stream only ran on desktop and laptop computers, this will not be the final version. You’ll be able to play titles from Google Stay on almost any device that has access to Chrome. This means that your tv, tablet and mobile phone will also allow you to play, and your progress will be synced through your Google account, so you’ll be able to save the game on one device and start playing on another device without losing anything.

Nvidia GeForce Now is designed to stream your library of PC games and, therefore, it is compatible with PC, Mac and the device Nvidia Shield. The application GeForce Now run a network test to determine if your system meets the requirements and determine which of your games are compatible with GeForce Now.

With the GeForce Now, you get access to PC games even if they are not available on the platform that you are using, such as for example a Mac. If you want to use it on a Mac, systems the systems produced even in 2008, will be able to run GeForce Now.


En materia de controles entre Google Stadia vs. Nvidia GeForce Now, el primero podría tener cierta ventaja.
In terms of controls, between Google Stay vs. Nvidia GeForce Now, the first may have some advantage.

It is likely that you can use the control of your preference in all services, but only Google Stay currently offers an exclusive option with built-in functions. According to Google, Stay will support the DualShock 4, the control of Xbox One and the Xbox Adaptive, as well as the settings of mouse and keyboard.

Nvidia GeForce Now support configurations of keyboard and mouse and the DualShock 4 in their settings of USB and Bluetooth. It is also compatible with the controls of the Logitech F310, F510, F710, and controls with cable for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

If you do not want to buy additional accessories, both services are equal. However, the control Stay might tip the balance in favor of Google. It has a button layout similar to other game consoles popular, but it comes with a button of the Google Assistant that you can use to get tips on the games. It also includes a button for sharing, similar to that of the DualShock 4 and the Nintendo controller Switch Pro.

Quality of transmission

When you’re ready to play your games, you will discover in what measure the resolution and the quality of the transmissions are crucial to your experience. Google Stay promises to outperform Nvidia GeForce Now by a considerable margin, offering 4K resolution with HDR and 60 frames per second, and 8K in the future. For this, you need a connection speed of at least 30 Mbps, but the service is what you can enjoy at 720p if you have lower speeds.

We played Assassin’s Creed Odyssey during the technical tests Stream Project, and although not impressed us too much in terms of quality, we had an experience of higher quality through the Chrome. Google Stay you will have the Tool “Gameplay” that will allow developers to adjust things like surround sound, HDR, and resolution automatically.

Capabilities of the Nvidia GeForce Now are not so impressive, but also does not require that you have a fast connection. For those who have a speed of 15 Mbps, you’ll be able to enjoy games at 720p and 60 frames per second. The resolution will go to 1080p if your speed is at least 25 Mpbs. The service requires a wireless router 5 GHz or a wired connection Ethernet.

By now you can’t access games in 4K Nvidia-GeForce Now. If what were you planning to connect your platform to the tv instead of using a monitor on a desk, the gap in quality is quite evident. However, the games in desktop monitors should submit a minor difference.


The biggest difference between Google Stay and Nvidia GeForce Now is how it handles the games. Google has not outlined in detail his plan, but says that you’ll be able to play the instant games that are seen in online ads, including Doom Eternal , and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Soon will come other games designed to take advantage of the unique features of the service. Google has founded Stay Games and Entertainment with veteran Jade Raymond, to produce exclusive titles for Stay. Some games also make use of a learning tool called Transfer for ML, which will allow developers to apply a texture to environments based on an existing image

Nvidia GeForce Now gives you different ways to play PC games. With the application GeForce Now you can search from a list of compatible games and buy from the digital store associate. If you have one of the more than 400 compatible games, you can find in the section “My library” to access them. A management system allows you to install games that are in other supported services, like Steam, Uplay and Blizzard, although you will not be able to have stored in the cloud, for example.

Among the titles compatible with GeForce Now are Hitman 2, Resident Evil 7, Civilization VI, Skyrim, and The Division 2. You can check the full list to see if your favorite game is included.

During the period of test GeForce Now, you can play a game for up to four hours in a row before you start a new session. You can save your progress and immediately start a new session, depending on how many others want to play.

Features Google Stay vs. Nvidia GeForce Now

Revisamos las características de Google Stadia vs. Nvidia GeForce Now
The specific features of Google Stay vs. Nvidia GeForce Now make a big difference between the public of both services.

Nvidia GeForce Now has less specific features, since the goal is to open the door for more players to experience different games, including those that are exclusive to computers. This means that if you own a Mac and you’ve built a library of PC games with gifts or offerings, you’ll have the posibilidasd of play in GeForce Now without having to get a new device, create partitions on the hard disk or run Boot Camp with Windows 10.

Google Stay, on the contrary, has planned to offer features that we’ve not seen on other platforms. This includes a “Game of Numbers”, that will allow viewers of a streaming on YouTube entering the game with their streamers favorite. Viewers will also be able to join a game from the exact point that was the streamer, with all your saved data. If you’re seeing an ad on YouTube about a game in the channel editor, you can begin to play it instantly with a single click. Google claims that the process will take around five seconds.

Pricing and availability

¿Existirán diferencias de precios entre Google Stadia vs. Nvidia GeForce Now?
Will there be price differences between Google Stay vs. Nvidia GeForce Now?

He still has not revealed the final release date of Nvidia GeForce Now, but the service is currently running in a beta stage. During this stage, GeForce Now is completely free, and you can register on the official website to request access.

Google already revealed that Stay will be launched in the united States, United Kingdom, Canada and most of Europe by 2019, but will have various options of different prices, depending on what you’re looking for:

Stay Founder’s Edition, $129: comes with three months of Stay Pro, as well as a control Night Blue limited edition, Chromecast Ultra and a pass of three months to a friend. Is available in November 2019.

Stay Pro, for $10 dollars a month: 4K resolution with 60 frames per second and HDR, discounts on purchases of games, full access to Destiny 2, free games available with a subscription. Is launched in 2019.

Stay Base, free: 1080p resolution with 60 frames per second. You’ll be able to buy the games you want and play them in a Chrome browser. Yes, not be launched until 2020.

*Updated on July 30, 2019 for Daniel Matus.

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