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Best Buy shuts down its product line smart Badge to Connect

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Bad news for anyone who has Flagship products Connect: Best Buy announced that it is discontinuing its line of products, and to close permanently the platform, and the support from the November 6, 2019. This means that if you have an appliance, intelligent device or the line Badge Connect, it will be less functional and, in some cases, completely useless.

The impact that this will have on the users of Badge to Connect depends on the type of device or appliance connected. For example, if you have the fridge smart brand and you use functions that require the application Badge to Connect, these will no longer work. Make it clear that your refrigerator will continue to have basic functionality. For example, the freezer Badge still will make ice and the screen still displayed the temperature, you simply will not have the “smart” features that probably you bought the device in the first place.

If we talk about switches and smart plugs, the models of Wifi Smart Plug, Smart Plug with Metering and wireless Smart Light Switch will continue to operate, but you will not be able to change the settings or schedules. It is good to note that, if you have Apple’s HomeKit, the smart features of some plugs will continue to function normally, as long as the drive with the Apple app.

However, if you bought the camera Wifi Logo does not you’re out of luck. The camera will stop working completely and you will not be able to access it through the app Badge after the 4 of November 2019.

What should you do if you have a Flagship product Connect

If there is any good news in the midst of this situation, is that the company offers a compensation for the discontinued products of Badge to Connect, through of gift cards. Take into account that Best Buy will not be compensated if you need to uninstall the wall of your home switches and smart plugs.

To receive an electronic card for a gift you can go to the site of Validation of Products of Badge to Connect to see if your appliances and devices qualify to receive a compensation. You will need the serial number to verify eligibility. If you have more questions, the company has dedicated a page to this order, or you can call their help line posted on that site.

The gift cards will receive the customers affected are likely to be cards of Best Buy, but if you don’t trust the company after this, it’s probably not the best compensation. Neither does it indicate’s the amount of money is awarded or when the users will receive the card. We will keep you informed if we receive new developments.

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