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AT&T TV Now: everything you need to know about the streaming service


The service of streaming DirecTV Now, -one of the most popular of its kind and direct rival of YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV– change of name. From now on will be called AT&T TV Now. How do you affect this change? Will you be offering the same content? We tell you all the innovations introduced by the giant communications, AT&T.


AT&T TV Now is known as DirecTV Now until August of 2019, aims to replace your subscription to cable or satellite. You’ll get a ton of channels and a very similar interface, and with the guide type of programming you’d see on your cable box. The main difference-apart from the service that exists only online – is that you do not have to worry about the computers that are rented or annual contracts.


As with PlayStation Vue, when AT&T TV-Now launched for the first time, many wondered how they would respond the customers to something that was so similar to the cord-cutters of cable services, and satellite. Now that the service has been strengthened, the plan of AT&T with AT&T TV Now seems to be bearing fruit. Unlike Dish Network, AT&T TV Now is attracting enough new customers that it is more than a compensation for subscribers satellite that is losing.


When it comes to supported devices, AT&T TV now releases a broad network. The models of Roku, from the old Roku to the Roku Premiere+ and the Roku Ultra, are supported, along with the Apple TV fourth generation and Apple TV 4K. The Amazon Fire TV is supported from the second generation onwards, including the Fire TV Cube, and this is also valid for the smart tvs, Fire TV Stick and Amazon Fire TV Edition. Tvs Chromecast device and Chromecast from Google are also compatible, being the main omission is the compatibility with the tvs Android.


As expected, the iOS and Android devices are also supported, including compatibility with iOS 9 and above (iPhone 5 or higher). The Android devices that are running Android 4.4 and above are supported, and this includes the tablets Kindle Fire Amazon. For computers, Chrome 50 and above, and Safari 8 and above are the supported browsers.

Although there are many compatible devices, the experience is not the same in all of them.


The DVRs in the cloud are a big problem when it comes to services of streaming, and it was even more important is the fact that AT&T TV Now launch without one when many of the competitors in the service already had his own. Fortunately, AT&T TV Now is putting up with the model True Cloud DVR. Sometimes you will notice that it is in beta, but overall it is functional at this point.

Like many competitors, AT&T TV Now has limits on both. You’ll get 20 hours of DVR as part of your subscription, and everything that is more than 30 days will be deleted automatically. You can pause and rewind live TV, as well as restart the programs in the course, but this is limited depending on the channel you’re watching and the device they’re using. The True Cloud DVR appears as an extra on your account page AT&T TV Now, and you can pay $10 for more storage.


When it comes to simultaneous transmission, a basic plan of AT&T TV Now lets you view content on up to two devices at the same time. You can pay $5 dollars extra per month for a streaming , but when competitors such as PlayStation Vue offer up to five streams out of the box without additional charges, this plan is a bid weak.

DirecTV has always had a huge advantage over Dish Network for the sports fans in the format of NFL Sunday Ticket, and in 2018 this feature came to AT&T TV Now also, although currently it is extremely limited. At the moment, NFL Sunday Ticket is only available in a very small number of markets: the greater metropolitan area of Los Angeles; Boston; Philadelphia; Phoenix, Arizona; San Antonio, Texas; Hartford, Connecticut; and Louisville, Kentucky. To access this feature, you will need to have at least the plan’s “Just Right” for $55 dollars a month.


Keeping the dynamics to mimic the services of cable or satellite in the design, AT&T TV Now offers a large number of channels if you’re willing to pay. The service reaches more than 120 channels, which is more than most people will need, and that figure does not include the music channels that the cable providers and satellite used to increase its offer of channels.

Depending on where you live, you may also be able to get a good number of local channels through AT&T TV Now. AT&T TV now offers more local channels in our test area that the services of the competition. To see if this is your case, AT&T TV Now brings you this handy tool that allows you to search your zip code to see what local channels are available in your area.

There are six basic packages available, in addition to a package in Spanish. The Plus package is the cheapest at $50 dollars per month for over 40 channels. Max is next in line at $70 per month for over 50 channels. Entertainment offers more than 65 channels for $93 dollars a month, the package Choice includes more than 85 channels for $110 dollars a month, Xtra is $124 dollars a month for around 105 channels and Ultimate reaches $135 dollars a month for more than 125 channels. Finally, Optimum Plus offers more than 90 channels in Spanish and English for $86 dollars a month.

Both channel Plus Max, which include HBO, and Max adds Cinemax free. For other packages, you will want to add these channels separately and pay the applicable fees. The complete list of channels for each package can be found on the website of AT&T.

Add-ins (Add-ons)

In addition, there are available various additional packages and channel options premium to supplement the basic packages, which are listed below.

HBO $15 dollars per month: includes HBO, HBO Family, HBO Latino, access HBO GO and on-demand content.

Cinemax, $11 dollars per month: includes Cinemax, access MAX GO and on-demand content.

Show time, $11 dollars per month: includes Showtime, Showtime On Demand

Starz, $11 dollars per month: includes Starz, Starz Encore, Starz Kids & Family, Starz On Demand

AT&T TV Now Sports, $5 dollars per month: includes TyC Sports, Univision Deportes, Fox Sports, ESPN Sports

AT&T TV Now Spanish, $15 dollars per month: includes Univision, Discovery Channel, Spanish, Star TV, Cinelatino.

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