At these airports you’ll be able to enjoy VIP lounges of Nintendo

There is nothing more boring that waiting in the airports. Of course, there are the privileged few that have access to VIP lounges and the others find a good partner with whom to spend their hours before you embark for your destination, but in most of the cases and scales very long, are moments of slow agony.

To improve that experience, Nintendo announced that it will put in four airports in the united States, some areas in detail designed for passengers to play with the Switch and the Switch is Lite.

With the promise of comfortable seats, charging ports and demos of Nintendo games Switch, both in laptop mode as in TV mode, the japanese company will sponsor their best titles as: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild , Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Party and Tetris 99, among others.

Nintendo salon VIP

“With a vast library of exciting entertainment for the launch, we expect the travellers to discover that Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are excellent companions for their trips,” said Nick Chavez, senior vice president of sales and marketing of Nintendo of America. “Spending time with the Nintendo games in our living rooms On The Go and give people the opportunity to start or finish your travels with a smile”.

There will also be other surprises: because these centres of Nintendo, travelers can apply for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite and receive a carrying case free with your order. Travelers may also apply to select games from Nintendo Switch and Nintendo products.

In addition, only by pass by there, visitors will also receive a bundle of luggage brand Nintendo Switch free and a coupon of $10 discount to use on any purchase of Nintendo of $75 or more.

Now, what are the airports that are blessed:

  • Dulles International airport, Washington, DC: Room B near the entrance / exit west, next to the Gate B62. From 17 February – 29 March.
  • Seattle – Tacoma International Airport, Seattle, WA: Room C, next to Gate C10. From 17 February-29 March.
  • O’hare international airport, Chicago, IL: Terminal 1, concourse B, between gates B12 and B14. From 17 February-29 March.
  • Dallas Love Field airport, Dallas, TXWest: Terminal, near gates 14 and 16 February 13 – march 26.

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