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At auction one of the first Apple computers that still works fine

apple 1 original auction

While Apple is focusing its efforts on the future, developing new technologies for its mobile devices and leaving aside its line of computers , many collectors and fans of the brand are willing to pay large amounts of money for a little of its history. .

In 1976 the original Apple I computer was developed. Sold at a price of $ 666.66 dollars, Apple I was the first product of the incipient company. The 200 original machines were built by hand, and it is even said that many of them were physically manufactured by Apple's own co-founder Steve Wozniak, together with Steve Jobs , in 1976 and 1977.

Currently, there are about 63 of the classic systems, but only a few still work, so every time one goes on sale, it is an event that attracts attention and that surely will report large sums of money. And now, a perfectly functioning Apple-1 computer will be auctioned by Boston's RR Auction in September.

As reported by AP , the machine was restored to its original operating status by Corey Cohen, an expert in Apple products. The system was operated without failures for approximately eight hours in a test. It even comes with the original keyboard of the 1970s.

In June of last year, another original model of Apple 1 was put on sale, but only reached the sum of $ 335,500 dollars, because it contained some electronic modifications, However, although it had a good margin on the original purchase and resale prices, It is not as strong as other original devices. Several have been sold in the last decade, and one of them reached $ 905,000 dollars.

Currently, a large part of that particular period of time in computer development is considered almost invaluable. The hardware itself is rare, but to encourage those tempted to explore their attics or basements in search of something valuable, it is good to know that almost everything related to that time, including papers or projects, can reach a value of thousands of dollars . For example, a personal file of Apple co-founder Ronald Wayne, which included test sheets from the Apple-1 Operations Manual and some plans of the Apple II, raised $ 25,000 in 2014.

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