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Are you going to work from home? Some things you should know

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Some decisions in life come almost alone, and one day I saw myself in the frame of mind of entering as a partner in a new project (some risk), or take the plunge to start my own business (much risk). And so I did. If I look at it with perspective, the jump was courageous, but I can confirm that it has been one of the best decisions I ever made. As you can guess, this change brought with it a circumstance added: leaving the physical office, the hours and the heat of a payroll, create my own space at home, set my own hours and be, ultimately, my own boss.

Myths and truths of work-from-home

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Claudia Sandoval/Digital Trends Spanish

“You’re going to be all day in pajamas and opening the fridge”

Given this risky step and having communicated to my environment, I must say that the reaction was very varied but with a common element: glances of suspicion. Yes, though the majority of the people support you openly because of this decision, the fund thinks that you are crazy and that you’re going to crash against the wall of expectations. These were the glances that were shot my alarms, but (and here comes my first tip) is to persist and follow your way because the results will not take long to arrive.

Suspicion gave way to another phrase I heard a lot: “you’re going to spend the day in pajamas and eating” and I can confirm that it is not so: someone who works from home and does it in full awareness, know that you are working and generating income, which brings with it the inherent responsibility. By my experience I can confirm that when it works, it works, does it mean that it follows a schedule to the letter? Not in my case, and this is the greatness of working from home: it is done for objectives.

The productivity of having no schedules

While it is true that the inertia drives you to keep a schedule similar to the one that you had before, the reality is that little by little you will adapt. And it is wonderful. Remove from your head the concept of sitting at your desk staring at the clock: working from home is like a bicycle tour, you work in stages. Each stage is a milestone, project, or goal that you set, and once you have achieved, you can go for a walk or take a coffee. Yes, you get almost unwittingly to apply techniques similar to the Pomodoro.

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The regrets, the worst enemy

Derived from this last, you’ll be at 11 in the morning drinking a coffee in the bar while everyone is working, or walking the dog at noon and attentive to the sentiments that you addressed this because this was the obstacle most difficult to overcome for my part: the one of the remorse. You see yourself as a lazy (and it is possible to receive any comments and snide in this sense), but you will soon discover that is not so, but that possibly work more and better than someone who does in an office. Why? Because you are committed to fulfilling the objectives clear and concise and if you don’t, you don’t get; you no longer have the umbrella of the company that you hired.

Do not lock yourself up at home

Having No bosses, no schedules have their clear advantages and big disadvantages: between the seconds, you will see that you are the boss more hard and demanding than you’ve ever had, and that if you neglect it, you’ll be working weekends and holidays. But one of the main advantages is that you can take the office to the slopes and to do this you must invest in a good backpack and choose the perfect environment (all the cities have their coffee with tables broad and good wifi). Work outside of home occasionally you oxygenated and dissipates this potential feeling of isolation that we have the self-employed.

Technology at the service of the worker ‘home’

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Claudia Sandoval/Digital Trends Spanish

If there is a circumstance in which you can take advantage of and monetize the use of the technology is working from home. For those who work from home and also want to extend your performance in cafes, must have flexible tools: in my case, my employment the following devices:

MacBook Pro (2018)

This is my computer ‘large’ that I use, in the firm with a base truck and a Logitech keyboard, that, to take care of the posture. The MacBook Pro brings together everything that I hope for in a laptop: powerful enough to require a high-performance, but compact enough and lightweight to carry it in the backpack. On the other hand, its battery allows you to leave home in the morning without worrying about carrying the charger.

iPad Pro (2018)

When I referred to the MacBook as the computer ‘big’ I was referring to the ability, and in fact, the device most used, by far, is the iPad Pro along with the keyboard and the Pencil, a peripheral that every time I use more. The versatility of the iPad allows me to use it in portrait to read content on the internet or make a brainstorming with the Pencil, but also as the main tool of writing.

Amazon Echo Show

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No, I have not gone crazy will An Echo Show as a work tool? As it turns out, yes: use the device to listen to background music while you work (the account is connected to Apple’s Music), to do quick conversions (currency, measures,…) and to set reminders. I never thought I was going to use both a device of these characteristics.

The views expressed here are those of the author and do not reflect the beliefs of Digital Trends.

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