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Are you going to buy a new phone? Careful with the depreciation

Galaxy Z Flip
You understand: we, too, have fallen prostrate before the charm of the brand spanking new Galaxy Z Flip, a phone that finally seems to have found the key to an innovation that can be really useful. However, Samsung seems to have past braking with the price: $1,380 dollars (in the European Union is even worse: 1,500 euros) for a telephone involves an amount unaffordable for many and that will not stand any kind of justification. And you are going to put still more complicated, since one study has shown that the phones of Samsung are the most lose value once purchased.

Just like it happens with cars, phones lose a very significant amount of its value within a few weeks of having purchased it, so that it is easy once you have exited the store with your shiny new OnePro or Samsung, you have lost on the way to a whopping $200 or $300 dollars. The site buy-sell MusicMagPie has published its annual report that analyzes the depreciation of phones and what has been carried out with empirical data of closed transactions in its platform (Uk data). The data does not cease to be disturbing, despite the fact that the majority is aware of it.

Samsung phones lose up to more than half of its value in a year

This portal collects the sales history of the last twelve months and compare the resale value to average with the original price of the product. So, Android phones are the ones that come out worse-off and depreciation reaching alarming levels in some cases. How much would you be willing to pay to be the first in a new phone recently presented? If you value your economy on top of the trends, it is important that you have this information in mind.

Depreciación por marcas
Source: MusicMagPie

The Samsung phones are among the most lose value once purchased. So, after just a year of its launch, the Galaxy S8 lost 47 percent of its value, while the Galaxy S9 lost half its value and the Galaxy S10+ left neither more nor less than 58 percent of what it was worth. As you can see, it conforms to the maxim: the more expensive a phone on its launch, more value comparatively lost, and this correlation could be also fulfilled with the samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

But it still comes out less account to buy a Huawei again: lost in a year up to 84 percent of its value, although it should be clarified that these data would be affected by the veto to the mark on the part of american authorities. However, the purchase that you must consider at all costs if your plan is to resell the phone is a OnePlus: their phones lost a whopping 97 percent of its value in the first year; we will, that almost nobody wants a OnePlus second-hand.

Apple, the brand that more value it retains

Tabla depreciación teléfonos
Depreciation phones – MusicMagPie

Buy a new phone, like buy a car without registering, it is always a bad business for this that you’re talking about. However, there are brands that retain comparatively much more value, and this is the case of Apple: the iPhone is still being quoted in the resale market, preserving on average more than half of the value of new sales. So, an iPhone after a year can be sold for 56 per cent of its value, according to the records of MusicMagPie.

In regards to the models, the iPhone 8 Plus is the best it has aged, losing only 30 percent of its value, followed by the iPhone 8, and finally the iPhone X, which has been sold on average half of what it cost when it was introduced. Once more, it complies with the correlation: it loses much more value, the more expensive is the computer, and somehow, the pioneers pay the ‘rate of innovation’ for the pleasure of being the first with a late model.

With these data, is it worth it to really buy a latest model of phone once it comes out of the factory? If the criterion is purely economic, it would be better -in terms of market – to buy an old iPhone and resist him until he averíe full. But we all know that what moves us is the passion for the latest and stay in awe with the cutting-edge technologies, which yes, many are compensated to pay the ‘rate of innovation’ and do not look back Are you among them?

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