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Apple Watch Series 5: everything that is known about the upcoming watch from Apple

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Apple has already announced the date for their big event where they are expected to present the next iPhone 2019. But the eyes of the fans are also put in a new smart watch: the Apple Watch Series 5, which will come following in the footsteps of the popular Series 4.

It has not been filtering a lot of information about the product, but there are some new features that help us to get a better idea about certain aspects and details of the new device. Here is what is now known about the Apple Watch Series 5.


Apple has already hinted at the functions that you expect to see on the Apple Watch Series 5 when it announced WatchOS 6. For all we know, the Apple Watch finally you will get access to the App Store, allowing you to download independent applications directly, without passing first by your iPhone. The device will also improve the monitoring of the noise level of your environment, in addition to providing functions specific to women’s health, such as better monitoring of the menstrual cycle. Of course, it is expected that the function of electrocardiogram and other features of health continue to included.

The biggest surprise could be the follow-up to the dream. According to a new report from 9to5Mac, it is expected that the Apple Watch Series 5 include the monitoring of the quality of sleep in function of the user’s data, such as your heart rate, movement, and noises in the room. The data will be available in the app Sleep App.

It is possible that you are wondering about the battery life while those functions are in progress. According to the report, the device also has that covered. The Apple Watch will be able to warn users that load before going to bed and it will automatically enable “do Not disturb” when you are in bed.


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It is not a secret that Apple has been working to strengthen its supply chain of OLED displays, reducing its dependence on Samsung, which provides screens for the iPhone X, iPhone XS iPhone XS Max
. And now it seems that he found the solution thanks to an agreement with a japanese company.

An exclusive report from Reuters ensures that Japan Display Inc. shall provide to Apple, at least some of the OLED screens that will be used in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 5.

“The supply agreement would mark the incursion of Japan Display in the market of OLED screens, (which) is dominated by the unit Samsung Electronics Samsung and LG. The OLED technology is typically thinner and allows more flexibility than the LCD screens,” said the report, citing two anonymous sources.


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Apple revamped the design for the Apple Watch Series 4, adjusting the general construction and including a new and beautiful screen, edge to edge. Because of that, we don’t really expect that radically changes the silhouette of the Apple Watch Series 5. Although there may be small adjustments, the shape and general appearance should be the same.

Rumors suggest that Apple could launch its new watch in some amazing new colors. According to a report from Bloomberg, the Apple Watch Series 5 will be available in elegant models of ceramic and titanium, and cited references found in iOS 13 that suggest this. These new finishes should help to differentiate the Apple Watch Series 5, Series 4.


At the internal level, the Apple Watch 5-Series is likely to keep all the sensors that can be found in the Apple Watch Series 4, but it may also have a processor most updated. While the watch Series 4 has a processor Apple S4, it is likely that Apple will upgrade to an S5 for the new series.

Release date

It is expected that the Apple Watch Series 5 is announced on September 10, along with the iPhone 11. It is likely to be available for orders developed and released to the public within two weeks after the announcement. We will keep you informed.

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