Apple presented its completely revamped MacBook Air in New York

One of the discarded by the rumors turned out to be the first to arrive… Tim Cook had just appeared in Brooklyn when, a few minutes after I pulled out the applause of the audience announcing the update that he himself describes as “the most beloved of the MacBooks”: the all – new MacBook Air from Apple.

They say that food enters the eye, and in the case of laptops, the first thing is always the screen: in this case, Apple settles an old debt that was undermining to the smallest of their laptops: a screen Retina of 13.3 inches. Add to this Touch ID, the latest processors and a design –if possible– even more portable, and you’ll understand why it generates so much enthusiasm.

The first MacBook Air revolutionized the Mac with its slim aluminum design in a wedge shape. Forever changed the entire notebook computer industry and became the notebook most beloved of the world” was said in the presentation. “The redesign of the MacBook Air starts with a stunning Retina display and a battery that will last all day. In addition, we added Touch ID and the security chip Apple-T2, the latest processors, an incredible sound, the keyboard of the third generation and the trackpad Force Touch, high-speed Thunderbolt and, of course, macOS Mojave in a beautiful design, thinner, lighter, all aluminum, that a whole new generation of customers of MacBook Air are going to love it”.

The new MacBook Air has a stunning Retina display of 13.3 inches with more than 4 million pixels of resolution –four times more resolution than the MacBook Air earlier– all the text and images in macOS Mojave crisp and impressive. And with a 48% more color than the previous generation, the images are more real than ever.

It also includes a FaceTime HD camera built-in, perfect for calls group of FaceTime with friends and family, as well as microphones that improve sound quality when making calls and a help the voice recognition for Siri.

We, of course, but just now what we have been able to confirm: the new MacBook Air comes with Touch ID, a fingerprint sensor built into the keyboard that will allow you to unlock your MacBook Air in a comfortable way and instant, in addition to access pages without the need of passwords and make purchases fast, simple, and safe with Apple Pay. To achieve all this, the Touch ID, the MacBook Air comes with the security chip Apple T2, which makes your laptop much more secure.

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The chip T2 protects the information of the identification by touch, and also ensures that the software loaded during the boot process has not been tampered with. The T2 also features a driver SSD with data encryption on the fly to everything stored on the SSD. This allows MacBook Air to offer the boot process more secure and the safest storage of any laptop.

The new MacBook Air also features the keyboard of the third generation designed by Apple for a writing more precise and sensitive. Each key is backlit individually using LED low power lighting more accurate. It also includes the trackpad, Force Touch, the best in the industry and offers the capacity to pressure sensing and feedback haptic, and is 20 percent larger than the one that came in the MacBook Air of the previous generation.

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With speakers and advanced audio processing technology, the MacBook Air offers an audio experience of the highest quality and a wide stereo playback, allowing you to watch movies and listen to your music more immersive than ever before. The speakers are 25 percent higher with two times more severe than the previous generation, all to get a range more dynamic and a richer sound.

Account with a processor Intel Core i5, eighth-generation, Intel UHD Graphics and a system memory of 2133 MHz faster up to 16 GB, which offers the performance you need for day to day activities, like organising your photos, browse the web, create presentations, or view and edit videos. MacBook Air also has SSD up to 1.5 TB of capacity, which are up to 60 percent faster than the previous generation.

Do more things? The MacBook Air now comes with two Thunderbolt ports 3, which allows you to charge your laptop, transfer data quickly via USB and Thunderbolt, play videos in three formats and connect to a large number of devices.

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The new MacBook Air offers up to 12 hours of battery life during the use of the wireless network, and up to 13 hours of movie playback in iTunes. In addition, it occupies a 17 percent less volume, is 10 percent thinner and measures just 0.61 inches at its thickest point. In the balance tilts 2.75 lbs (1.24 Kg.), being a quarter pound lighter than the previous generation.

You can order it today from $1,199 in It will be available in the retail stores of Apple and the authorized resellers of Apple from Wednesday 7 November.

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