Apple MacBook Air vs. Dell XPS 13: we tell you what you should choose

Choose between the Apple MacBook Air vs. Dell XPS 13 can be a difficult decision, considering that they are some of the laptops more emblematic of the past few years. Do you prefer the bezels ultra-thin the XPS 13 or the quality of the MacBook Air? But beyond what you see on the outside, there is also much to review in the interior of both. In Digital Trends in Spanish we compare Apple MacBook Air vs. Dell XPS 13 for that, after, you decide what suits you best.


Dell XPS 13
In terms of design between Apple MacBook Air vs. Dell XPS 13, both are computers compact. Riley Young/Digital Trends

In their versions of 2019, both computers have screens of 13.3 inches and compact designs. Apple kept the aluminum body on the MacBook Air this year, while the XPS 13 has an aluminum housing, but with a palmrest of carbon fiber.

The dimensions of 11.97 x 8.36 x 0.61 inches of the MacBook Air are similar to those 11.98 x 7.88 x 0.6 inches, the XPS 13. However, with 2.7 pounds (1.22 kg), the XPS is slightly lighter than the Air and its 2.75 pounds (1.25 kilograms).

The XPS 13, 2019 is available in colors silver, rose gold , and an exterior frost, while the MacBook Air is available in gold, silver or space gray, in addition to having a flip top lid for easy opening thanks to a new hinge variable.

Despite sharing the same screen size, there are notable differences. The MacBook Air comes with a Retina display is not a touchscreen with 2,560 x 1,600 pixels, providing a resolution of 227 ppi (pixels per inch) compared to the 166 ppi on the XPS 13. The Dell laptop starts with a screen that does not touch 1080p, which you can upgrade to a touch or an option to 4K. In addition, with its aspect ratio of 16:9, the XPS 13 is more convenient to watch videos, but prefer the 16:10 Macbook Air.

Comparing the edit 4K of the XPS 13 with the Macbook Air, we found that the Dell computer has better contrast and brightness, but they are similar in terms of color range and accuracy. Although the screen of the Air takes the name of Retina, back up a step significant when compared to that of the MacBook Pro, in aspects such as brightness, contrast and black levels.

If you are looking for productivity, the keyboard of the XPS 13 will give you better performance. With the MacBook Air 2018, Apple included the third generation of his “keyboard butterfly“, which gives as a result an uncomfortable sensation of increased pressure on the keys.

To keep your silhouette minimalist, Apple has limited the connectivity to only two Thunderbolt 3, through USB port-C to power supply, data transfer, connection of peripherals, and screen output, together with a single connector for headphones. The XPS 13 also offers two Thunderbolt ports 3 USB-C and USB-C standard, but also includes a slot for SD cards.


apple macbook air vs dell xps 13 2018 hands on 4 768x768
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Both the Air and the XPS 13 is updated with new processors in 2019. The XPS 13 has implemented the chips Comet Lake of the tenth generation, which now offers a settings of up to six cores. Although we have not proved it, the extra cores should make it faster, especially for tasks such as photo or video editing.

The MacBook Air, on the other hand, still uses a dual-core processor of the series Y. This processor is quite fast for the general productivity, but it has limits in multitasking and in applications that require sub-processes additional. However, in their input options, only has two cores, which makes them comparable in terms of performance.

The Apple MacBook Air can be configured with 8 GB or 16 GB of memory, and the storage varies from a solid-state drive (SSD) 128 GB up to 1 TB. Dell offers configurations of RAM similar, but the SSD can reach up to 2 TB. No it comes with discrete graphics card, since both rely on the integrated GPU of Intel.

Both laptops can be used for video calls HD 720p, while FaceTime remains a unique experience for the Apple hardware. To get rid of the angles of the video uncomfortable to have affected the XPS 13, Dell relocated the webcam in the top bezel. With a size of 2.25 mm is the webcam smaller than has been used in a Dell computer.

In terms of audio, both have stereo speakers, although those of the MacBook are better. In the XPS 13 are located to one side, while Apple uses a design with speakers placed to each side of the keyboard.


Macbook Air
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Apple claims that the Macbook Air can offer a performance of 12 hours of wireless web browsing, or up to 13 hours of movie playback in iTunes. However, in our navigation test, only lasted about eight hours. With the new XPS 13, we review the model with the screen 4K. and only lasted for 6.7 hours when we surf the web and seven hours when we reproduce videos. That said, we recommend the configuration with the display standard of 1080p, which could exceed the performance of the MacBook Air.

If you need to carry your computer while traveling, both are quite comfortable. The newer versions of the XPS 13 and the MacBook Air are lighter, which makes them comfortable to carry with one hand or in a bag. To protect your data, both depend on the biometric security. The id-based touch traces is standard in all configurations of the MacBook Air, while the scanner Windows Hello , is an optional feature on the XPS 13.

Both laptops also offer an enhanced workflow when combined with a smart phone. IPhone users will benefit from a better transfer and integration with MacOS in the Air, while the downloadable application Dell Mobile Connect the XPS 13 will provide similar benefits to the users of Windows 10 that have a phone running iOS or Android.


Dell XPS 13

The decision to choose between Apple MacBook Air vs. Dell XPS 13 is reduced to the investment you’ve made in the ecosystem of Windows 10 or Mac os.

So, if you are a user of MacOS or iPhone, the MacBook Air can be a natural decision: you will not need to re-purchase applications of Mac, and the function Continuity allows a seamless workflow between the Air and your smartphone iOS. But if what you want is to give a greater performance for your money, the XPS 13 gives you more. Despite the price cut of $100 of the MacBook Air in 2019, the XPS 13 is still the best option, especially in settings higher, which add more cores.

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