Apple could become the “Netflix of games” with a subscription service

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The relatively new model of subscription-based services has revolutionized the entertainment market and many businesses in general. Platforms precursor as Netflix and others like it, have opened the way to thousands of other products and services follow in their footsteps, and it seems that Apple also wants a piece of the pie. New reports claim that the technology giant is in the early planning stages of creating a subscription service for games, which would provide access to a selection of titles for a monthly fee.

It is not a secret that video games are an important source of income in the App Store. It is reported that billions of dollars were spent in this area by millions of users, not only in the acquisition of games, but also in purchases within applications. Even so, it is claimed that Apple could be looking for other ways to further increase their income in the form of continuing monthly payments.

The report was initially released for Cheddar, where sources alleged to the publication that, in effect, Apple is working on some type of subscription service for games. Not only that, but at the end of 2018 the company supposedly would have already started to engage in talks with various developers of games on that opportunity.

However, being that this project is only in the initial stages of planning, could potentially be abandoned before Apple apply significant resources to the effort. In addition, it is not yet clear exactly how this would work or about the type of games they would offer.

This seems to be a strategy side by Apple to increase revenue that, otherwise, seems to be fluctuating and even declining. The first week of January of this year, it was reported that the company would be reducing its current plans to production of new iPhones in approximately a ten percent during the next three months, according to the Nikkei Asian Review.

Citing internal sources with knowledge of the situation, the publication states that the technology giant told its suppliers in December that it would produce less iPhones new from what had been initially planned for the march quarter. According to Nikkei, would be the second time in two months that Apple reduces the production planned for their smart phones, and added that the last review applies to all new models of iPhone: XS Max XS and XR.

Precisely, some analysts point the finger of blame at the new iPhone (in particular, the XS and XR), whose forecasts of sales could have cooled down considerably, forcing a caution on the part of investors.

“It is a vision that is more cautious about sales more loose than predicted for the iPhone XS/XR,” said analyst Jun Zhang on CNBC, referring to the california firm was downgraded to the category of ‘neutral’ by Bank of America Merrill Lynch to an “increased risk” refers to the expected return. The new categorization is based on the forecasts of a decline in the billing of the intended App Store, in particular, in China, with sales lower than anticipated and difficulties in exports.

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