Apex Legends season 6: release date, new story and more

Raspawn has finally published details of Apex Legends 6, with a record number of players on this occasion. The new season, Boosted, brings the usual fare of additions, including a new season premier, a new pass battle and a new legend. There are also some more significant changes, including a system of manufacturing interesting and a new weapon. Here is everything you need to know before the season 6 of the game.

Apex Legends season 6, release date and trailer

Before entering into the details, let’s start with the release date of the season 6. Raspawn enable the season the 18th of August, bringing the new legend and the creation system into the game (more on those two in a minute). The beginning of the season 6 also marks the beginning of a new pass battle and a new season premier. We don’t have details on any of them, but it is safe to assume that Raspawn be the closest to the competitive model presented in the season 5. In the pass of battle, we recommend waiting the usual specific cosmetic of the season.

A new weapon-shocking

It is not often that we see a new weapon in Apex Legends, with the current list that offers a good balance between rock, paper and scissors in all styles of play, Volt should shake things up a bit. It is a SMG based energy that exchanges damage for accuracy, and a reload time faster. Although Raspawn has not published any detail about Vold in Apex Legends, in reality it is a weapon of Titanfall 2 (that is to say, if the name and model of weapon are something that go). The primary differentiator between the Volt and other SMG are your rounds of energy hitscan, which offer extremely high precision even when you’re firing from the hip.

Although we only know about the Volt, it is possible that we may see two new weapons in season 6. The user Shrugtal on Twitter saw what looks like a compound bow in a promotional image.

Create your way to victory

The biggest change in season 6 is the introduction of the handicraft. We still do not know much about the development that will have, but it looks quite different to the mechanical construction of Fortnite. The page of the season 6 says, “what you don’t like your team?, gather all the materials around the map and build something better.” That, along with the advance, suggests that the development will focus on the equipment, not the structure. We are curious to know how you see the craft once that fall season. The areas of creating dedicated around the map would provide an aspect of risk / reward only for a mechanics that would otherwise be simple.

You know the new season 6 Legend: Rampart

Apex Legends temporada 6: fecha de lanzamiento, nueva historia y elaboración

Along with the issue of the development of season 6, we have a new Legend: Rampart. We do not yet have details on her abilities, except for some old contents filtered on Twitter. However, the preparation is probably the main focus of Rampart, echoing the skills based on the loot of she-Wolf last season. The page of the season 6 described Rampart as “a modder expert made famous in the clubs of struggle clandestine”. She talks a big game, apparently, and “you have the ballistics to back it up”. Rampart has the voice of Anjali Bhimani, well-known for his work on Overwatch and Indivisible.

The trailer spent the season 6 of Apex Legends invested

And, finally, just because it is interesting, here is the trailer of the season 6 of Apex Legends.

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